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The SNK Neo Geo Pocket is a handheld game console from the fifth generation of video game consoles. The console was released on October 28th, 1998 in Japan followed by Europe (1998). A color version — the Neo Geo Pocket Color — was later released which offered a 16-bit color screen and was fully backward and forward compatible with the original Pocket, seeing a release in the North America for the first time on August 6th, 1999. The Neo Geo Pocket was originally released in Japan with a monochrome screen, but not many were produced before SNK discontinued it and launched a full color version called the "Neo Geo Pocket Color". Most regions never saw a monochrome version.

The NGP / NGPC has a circular D-pad that clicks when you move it (as opposed to the standard plus-type d-pad). Also, it has a battery backup built into the unit, as well as uses two AA batteries for gameplay. The screen looks good, however it's 160x152 resolution is about on par with a Game Boy Color and not as sharp as a Game Boy Advance. Also, the screen is not back-lit, making it hard to see. The Neo Geo Pocket Color also can connect to a Sega Dreamcast for various purposes.