Odyssey:Magnavox Odyssey Model Differences

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The Magnavox Odyssey hardware saw four revisions, differing only by small electronic changes, and sometimes with minor variations of game accessories.

Models + Revisions

Models are arranged chronologically.

Original Magnavox Odyssey (Model: 1TL200BLAK)

Refers to the original model made in 1972 only. The model, serial and RUN numbers are written on the under side of the unit. The RUN number stands for the production run, the US model is either 1TL200BLAK, 1TL200BK12 or 1TL200BL99. Only specimens sent back to Magnavox to have the warranty renewed had their model updated to 1TL200BL99 (the original BLAK serial, if sticked inside the unit, was left, and the new serial was sticked over the original under the unit). Serial numbers start from 06xxxxxx to 11xxxxxx although the 0 was not printed.

Model: 1TL200BK12

Second model made between mid-1974 and fall 1975. Late specimens have a Magnavox logo on front side.

Model: ODYSSEE 5887 05 01

Original German Export Model made in 1973. Comes with only 10 games, translated in German.

Model: YE7100BK11/13

Export Model made in 1974. Comes with only 10 games, trilingual playing cards.