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MemCardRex is the leading PS1 save management software for Windows, with a large variety of supported formats and dumpers.

PlayStation 1

To PS1

The PS1, if booted without disc, can be used to copy and delete saves. Obvious as it may seem to anyone who read the manual, not everyone knows this...

To MemcardPro

Using a MemcardPro it's possible to copy your save files to an SD card and then you have two ways of backing them up: 1) simply reading the SD card from your PC , then open the memory card image with MemCardRex. 2) using the MemcardPro Wireless interface you can copy directly the memory card image on your PC, then edit single save files with MemCardRex.


If an appropriate serial cable is available, PS1CardLink allows the console to be used as a card reader.

PlayStation 2

To PS1/PS2 memory card

Any PS1 memory card that works in the PS2 (subject to compatibility issues with SCPH-75xxx and newer), can have its contents managed by the official Browser - this includes copying to a PS2 memory card (for backup purposes only, as they are unsurprisingly unsupported by PS1 software).


If the PS2:HDDOSD is installed, the same can be done to and from the __common partition of the HDD.


  • The newest wLaunchELF is recommended to copy/paste saves from a PS1 memory card, as some older versions of *LaunchELF have broken support (typically recognizing it as empty). It often helps to copy them to PS2 storage with one of the above official ways and work on that copy.
  • Memory Card Annihilator is recommended for full card imaging (which can be used to attempt undeleting).

PlayStation 3

A raw full card backup can be renamed to /dev_hdd0/vmc/*.VM1 and used directly as virtual memory card (after rebuilding the database, if needed). Saves can then be individually exported to .psv, which until recently used to be the only option to convert saves for an unmodded PS3.

Memory Card Adapter

The PS3 can directly read memory cards with the rare and overpriced official reader, and have individual saves imported that way. Support was also unofficially ported to other platforms.


Arduino-based interface with multiplatform support. Official website.

Generic parallel port interface

See psxmemcardmgr


A serial memory card interface launched in 1997.