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FreePSXBoot is a soft mod for all Playstation 1 models. The software was released in 2021 by brad-lin. The software uses a standard memory card to trigger the nocash unlock exploit. Once the exploit is triggered, the Playstation will boot the unirom executable which in turn can be used to launch back-up discs.

Note that freepsxboot has flavors for the various Playstation models and slot number. You must use the appropriate flavor for your console. If you select a freepsxboot image intended for use in slot 1, the card will only trigger the exploit when inserted in slot 1. You may want to write the slot number on the card for later reference.

Users have a number of options for obtaining or writing a freepsxboot memory card.

  1. Write image on a modded PS2 using a software such as Memory Card Annihilator v2
  2. Buy memory card online with the freepsxboot image pre-installed
  3. Write image using unirom, bootstrapped using swap disc trick


The version of unirom included with freepsxboot does not include the freepsxboot images so you must use the full unirom version if you want to use your Playstation to write freepsxboot memory cards.

Some third party memory cards are marketed as 1024 KB in size but actually container 512 KB chips. Originally these phony memory cards would not work with freepsxboot; however, recent versions have employed a clever workaround such that 512 KB memory cards can be used.

For BIOS 2.0 (SCPH-1001 or SCPH-1002) slot 1, the memory card containing freepsxboot must be inserted in slot 1 and another memory card must be inserted in slot 2.