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In-Game Reset (IGR) mods are a simple board that allows you to press a button combo to reset the console. There are multiple IGR mods for the PS1 including ones sold by Will's Console Modifications, RetroGamerStuff, and ConsolesUnleashed. It is also open source and available on OSHPark.

Exclamation-circle-fill.svgCurrently only the ConsolesUnleashed board supports the PSOne.


While each different board may be different, generally they are in a Quick Solder Board (QSB) format that installs onto a controller port's pins with a single wire connected to a motherboard-specific point. Instructions for this install are from Will's Console Modifications.

  1. Place the In-Game-Reset board over the controller port pin holes and solder it in place. You can also install on port 2 instead, or one on each.
    Wills Console Modifications PS1 IGR.jpg
  2. Solder a wire from the RESET point on the In-Game-Reset board to the Reset point on your motherboard. Different motherboards have different Reset location points, see the below image corresponding to your motherboard version.
    • If you have an IGR mod on both port 1 and port 2, you can connect the reset wire from each board to the same point.
  • PU-8


  • PU-18


  • PU-20


  • PU-22


  • PU-23


  • Usage

    • Pressing L2 + R2 + SELECT + START gives a short reset pulse.
      • xStation = Reset the current game being played
    • Pressing L2 + R2 + SELECT + CROSS gives a long reset pulse.
      • xStation = Reset the system and return to game list
    • Lightgun: A + B + TRIGGER
      • xStation = Reset the system and return to game list