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The Net Yaroze (DTL-H300?) is a special bundle of the PS1 intended for amateur development. Its official price was 750 U.S. Dollars.

PlayStation World Wide

The console itself is a black version of the SCPH-5000, with a custom mechacon accepting original discs of all three region codes plus exclusive Yaroze discs, and bundled with two black controllers (DTL-H3010); it is otherwise not special at all.

Despite the name it was still manufactured in the three main regional variants:

  • DTL-H3000
  • DTL-H3001
  • DTL-H3002.

Boot disc

The only Yaroze-exclusive disc, merely receiving and running a program over the serial port. It requires a dongle but cracked versions (and independent implementations) exist.

  • DTL-S3030 (Japanese)
  • DTL-S3035 (English)

Access card

A dongle, gratuitously required by the Net Yaroze Boot Disc, that connects to a memory card port. It does not provide storage.

  • DTL-H3020

Software development disc

SDK, documentation, serial interfacing software (SIOCONS), etc...

  • DTL-S3040 (For IBM AT and DOS/V compatible computers - Japanese)
  • DTL-S3045 (For IBM AT compatible computers - English)

Communication cable

DE-9 to PlayStation cable with RS-232 (-/+ 12 V) to 0/3.5 V level shifter.

  • DTL-H3050

Membership card

Business card with serial number for registration on official Yaroze developer portal.