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The Net Yaroze (DTL-H300x) is a special bundle of the PS1 intended for amateur development. Its official price was 750 U.S. Dollars, or £550 in Europe (with a promotional price of £350 for the first 500 buyers).

Unlike a fully featured devkit, the Yaroze cannot be used to create CD-based software, meaning that (except for any CD-DA music) applications must fit into RAM. The serial port can be used but it is left to the programmer to implement it down to the bare metal.

PlayStation World Wide

The console itself is a black version of the SCPH-5000, with a custom mechacon accepting original discs of all three region codes plus exclusive Yaroze discs, and bundled with two black controllers (DTL-H3010); it is otherwise not special at all.

Despite the name it was still manufactured in the three main regional variants, due to non-universal power supplies:

  • DTL-H3000
  • DTL-H3001
  • DTL-H3002

Boot disc

The only Yaroze-exclusive disc, merely receiving and running a program over the serial port. It requires a dongle but cracked versions (and independent implementations) exist.

  • DTL-S3030 (Japanese)
  • DTL-S3035 (English)

Access card

A dongle, gratuitously required by the Net Yaroze Boot Disc, that connects to a memory card port. It does not provide storage.

  • DTL-H3020

Software development disc

SDK, documentation, serial interfacing software (SIOCONS), etc...

  • DTL-S3040 (For IBM AT and DOS/V compatible computers* - Japanese)
  • DTL-S3045 (For IBM AT compatible computers* - English)

* 66 MHz 486 with 8 MB RAM and Internet access recommended

The official Yaroze utilities are DOS exclusives (with a few utilities being Windows-only instead), but a dedicated version of CodeWarrior was available as an extra cost alternative for both Windows and Mac OS users.

Communication cable

DE-9 to PlayStation cable with RS-232 (-/+ 12 V) to 0/3.5 V level shifter.

  • DTL-H3050

Membership card

Business card with serial number for registration on official Yaroze developer portal.