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The PS2 is region locked with three different regions for games, and more for other features such as DVD and movie playback.

Regional Model Differences

# Region Game Region Movie Region DVD Player Save Prefix rom0:ROMVER region ID MagicGate Region OK Button
00 Japan NTSC-J 2 J BI I JP ButtonIcon-PS3-Circle.png
01 North America NTSC-U/C 1 U BA A NA ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
02 Oceania PAL 4 O BE E AU ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
03 UK/Ireland PAL 2 E BE E EU ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
04 Europe PAL 2 E BE E EU ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
05 Korea NTSC-J 3 A? BA H ASIA ButtonIcon-PS3-Circle.png
06 Hong Kong NTSC-J 3 A BA H ASIA ButtonIcon-PS3-Circle.png
07 Taiwan NTSC-J 3 A BA H ASIA ButtonIcon-PS3-Circle.png
08 Russia PAL 5 R BE E RU ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
09 China NTSC-C 6 C BC C CH ButtonIcon-PS3-Circle.png
10 Latin America NTSC-U/C 4 U BA A NA ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
11 (only SCPH-50011) Mexico NTSC-U/C 4 M BA A MX ButtonIcon-PS3-Cross.png
  • SCPH-70011 and SCPH-70012 are not separate regions, but rather North American slim consoles with integrated analog modem.
  • SCPH-50011 is the only known Mexican exclusive model and they're the only PS2 which can exhibit a DVDPlayer version which is not numeric, instead, it has a weird alphanumeric sequence.
  • Although the Latin America region exists, it has been confirmed that Argentina saw officially imported PS2 with North American model numbers (such as SCPH-75001/SCPH-90001).
  • The combination of update folder prefix and MagicGate region determines Memory Card update compatibility, while the latter alone influences other signed content i.e. utility discs; of course, unofficial updates can enable multiple/all regions in their KELF/KIRXs...

Region Jumper

Japan, USA, Europe, Asia, or Debug?

Some models of PS2 motherboards (pictured: a SCPH-39003) contain a jumper indicating the region. This is merely to provide a reference for assembly line and service workers - it's not wired to anything else and therefore doesn't influence operation at all.