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The PS2 outputs RGB, YPbPr component, S-Video, composite, and RF. Through a mod, you can also tap VGA output from the PS2 motherboard. Another mod can sacrifice all other video mods to make the console output CSYNC.

Component YPbPr vs RGB

Overall, using a set of component video cables will be the best solution for most people. There's only a few very specific scenarios using RGB is preferred:

  • You're going directly into a display or processor that doesn't accept component video.
  • If your setup is 100% RGB SCART, it might be functionally easier to use a SCART cable.
  • RGB can be functionally worse in many cases, described in the SoG section.
  • If your CRT only supports 15KHz signals (240p and 480i), use whichever cable is easiest.
  • If you like to play light gun games, you can try to find something like an SCPH-1160 to break out composite video, then send component through to your cables. Alternatively, most RGB SCART cables made for the PS2 have a composite video breakout on it, which might be easier for your overall setup.
SCPH-1160 AV Breakout Cable

Depending on your setup, you can even run component video through an RGB SCART cable, by simply switching video modes in the menu. This would only be beneficial if you have target devices that can accept both RGB and YPbPr over their SCART inputs.

Sync on Green (SoG)

When the PlayStation 2 is set to RGB output (not component), it outputs standard RGB with sync over the composite video or luma line in 240p/480i modes. Once the console switches to 480p output, the signal changes to RGsB, or "sync on green". In this mode, the sync signal is sent over the green color line and nothing is outputted from CVBS or luma. More info on this can be found here. There are a few ways to use RGsB and there’s a chance you already have equipment that supports it!:

Devices like the OSSC will accept RGsB from a PS2, simply by switching the input after 480p mode is selected (or set the OSSC to auto scan the inputs). That's it, nothing crazy, just toggle inputs based on 480i or 480p.

The latest version of the gscartsw will automatically convert RGsB to RGBs when it's in 480p mode. That means simply plugging in an RGB SCART cable will get your RGBs in all resolutions - Just make sure to toggle the correct jumpers when setting up the gscartsw.

Some 480p capable RGB monitors can accept a RGsB signal, simply by toggling the external sync button off when RGsB is enabled. Many (if not all) Sony monitors that support 480p have this option.

VGA Output

There are people who have successfully mod their PS2 to output VGA — specifically motherboards older then GH-015. Information for this can be found here: