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If there is a PC program related to PS3 hacking, it's very likely included Aldo's PS3 Tools collection ("AldosTools").

  • If Windows prompts you for msvbvm50.dll, install it.
  • You may get a warning from your antivirus software and/or browser when downloading the tool. You can ignore it as it does not contain malware.

PS3 Game Updates

This is a tool to download update pkgs for any game. Just input the Title-ID of the game (which you can find in the Param.sfo or PS3_GAME.SFB, both of which you can view with one of Aldos' tools). You can also enter your "GAMES" directory and the tool will find all updates for all of your games.

PS3 Rip

By pointing this tool at a PS3 game backup, it will scan through the game files and delete any extra files to save disk space. Extra languages, 3D-TV files, and OFW firmware updates are all ripped from the backup. The extra files are kept in a separate folder on your PC in case you need them in the future, or have issues with your game, but can be deleted to save PC disk space.

Create PS3_EXTRA

If you've ever seen a PS3 game that makes a second icon on the XMB for extra content, it's using the PS3_EXTRA folder. With this tool you can scan through a game and find any extra content (themes, videos, installable games or DLC) and put it all under that icon.

PS3 Game Integrity

With this tool you can verify that your backup is not modified or corrupted, so long as your game is in the database. Right click on the blue square to update the database.

PKG Content ID

This tool will identify the Retail PSN packages, and verify their integrity. Right clicking the square here also prompts to update the tool collection

PKGView / PUPView

This tool will allow you to view and extract PKGs and PUPs.

Param.sfo Editor

The param.sfo is the primary metadata file of all PlayStation games, and you can edit it with this. You can edit the System field, to stop the PS3 demanding an update to play the game. You can also try to force enable remote play/background music this way.

PS3 Game Splitter

This tool will run through a game and split any files over a certain size, so that they can be put on a FAT32 USB drive. You can't play games with these spit files directly, but backup managers will recognize them and cache the large files to the internal drive before you try and play them.


PSARC is Sony's archive format, and many games (notably Uncharted) compact a bunch of files into one of these, often becoming greater than 4GB. You can use this tool to extract these archives, and the games should run normally.

PS3 Disc SFB Editor

The PS3_DISC.sfb file just contains the TITLE-ID of the game. This tool will let you view and edit that.


Finds the console ID/IDPS of the console, given a flash or memory dump.

PS3 Network Server (PS3netsrv)

PS3netsrv is a program that allows Multiman or Webman to play game backups that are stored on your PC. You can find a full tutorial at PS3NetSrv.