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Artemis is an open-source hacking system that allows you to easily apply Netcheat cheat codes to games, in similar fashion to a GameShark. Many codes come bundled with the package and you have the option of manually creating more codes. Upcoming features include codes from an online database, and the ability to enter your own codes from within Artemis.

Applying Cheats

  1. Mount or insert the desired game disk
  2. Launch Artemis, and using the D-pad, select Cheats.
  3. Scroll down to the desired game (if it exists) and select it. Ensure that the region column is the same region as your game.
  4. Enable the desired cheat by pressing Cross. You can the code to constantly apply by pressing Square on it.
  5. Press Circle to back out to the main menu. Select Start Game to play. Your PS3 should beep once, indicating that Mamba was successful in loading, and kick you back to the XMB.
  6. Start the game and when you want to apply the cheats, press the PS button and then hold Start. It should display a notification that says "Artemis Attached and Wrote", and your cheat will be applied.

Installing Cheat Codes

You have the option of creating your own cheat code and storing it within Artemis, or on a USB device.

  • For storing the codes on a USB device, create a new folder on the root named USERLIST, place all .ncl files inside of it, and plug the device in the right-most USB port of your PS3
  • For storing the codes within Artemis, use PS3:Transferring Files with FTP to place the .ncl files into the directory /dev_hdd0/game/ARTPS3001/USRDIR/USERLIST/

Creating Cheat Lists (.ncl)

You can create your own cheat lists by using NetCheatPS3. By clicking the API tab in NetCheatPS3, you can select MAPI, TMAPI, or CCAPI to poke around in the RAM of the PS3 and create cheats.

  • In the codes tab of NetCheatPS3, click "New Code"; you can modify the code name on the right-hand side
  • Within the text box enter any NetCheat PS3 codes or modify existing codes in the Code List by clicking the square on the bottom left
  • Finally click Save All and specify a save location for the new .ncl file

Creating Advanced Cheat Lists (.ncl)

In Artemis PS3, you have the ability to add option tags. These tags enable you to specify options for a code that has multiple effects for one address. The format for an option tag is very specific and must be used exactly as described.

A tag begins with brackets that surround an ID ([Z]), and ends with a forward slashed ID ([/Z]). This ID must be a collection of capital Z's. For instance, a tag such as [ZZZZ] has an ID of ZZZZ. [zz] is not a valid ID. Following the opening tag are the elements, or options. Each element begins with the value that the option represents, an equal sign (=), and the name of the option. Elements are separated by semicolons (;).

Example: In Jak 1, there are 4 different types of Eco States you can be in, controlled by one address.

0 201FEE08 ZZ
0 201FEE0C 00000040


  • Crashing/freezing issues
    • Some cheats will severely impact games and cause instability. However, if it is doing it without any cheats enabled or you suspect something else is going on, try disabling other plugins (such as Webman) and see if it works. You can also try reducing Webman's memory usage in it's settings to see if it helps.