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ManaGunZ (MGZ) is a backup manager built from the ground up. It is compatible with both the Mamba and Cobra payloads. It has a few unique features including creating game mounting shortcuts on the XMB, choosing a payload to run a game, and checking a game's MD5 hash to verify that it is not corrupt.

The download link for the stable version is found here, whereas the more up to date nightly build is here.


On the home screen, you can use the following controls to navigate:

  • DPAD: Scroll up or down over games.
  • Cross: Mounts game to be booted from the XMB (or boots it if Direct Boot option is enabled).
  • Circle: Exits to XMB if held on home screen.
  • Triangle: Shows Game Settings and Options for the highlighted game.
  • Select: Opens file manager.
  • Start: Opens Global Settings.

Game Settings

  • Direct Boot: Allows you to start the game directly from MGZ. Not all games are supported.
  • Clean Syscall: Disables CFW Syscalls upon mounting game.
  • Change IDPS: Spoofs IDPS (Console ID). If set to Yes, the next option will allow you to change your CID.
  • Ext. Game Data: Allows you to install the game's data to an external USB device plugged into the right-most USB port.
  • Payload: Allows you to change the payload used to mount your game (Cobra, Mamba, Multiman, or Iris).
  • Emulation: Allows you to use BDEMU (for missing/broken Blu-Ray drives) or BD-MIRROR (fix black screens).
  • Mount /app_home: Redirects /app_home to /dev_bdvd. Helps some games work.

Game Options

  • Rename: Allows you to rename the title of the game.
  • Add to favorite: Adds game to favorites list (XMB UI only).
  • Delete Game: Deletes the selected game
  • Config. Game: Displays settings specific to the selected game
  • Copy Game: Makes a folder format copy of the selected game on your USB device.
  • Make PKG: Creates a PKG located in /dev_hdd0/packages that, when installed, acts as a backup mounting shortcut.
  • Make PKG Stealth: Allows you to choose a Title ID that the installable PKG will be spoofed to.
  • Patch EBOOT: Changes firmware version of your EBOOT to 4.21 (for use on older firmware games).
  • Re-sign: Re-signs the game to 4.21 firmware (for use on older firmware games).
  • Extract / Convert to ISO: Converts your ISO to folder format, or a folder format game to an ISO.
  • Fix File Permissions: Automatically fixes all file permissions to 777 (read, write, execute).
  • Check files (IRD): Computes and checks the MD5 hashes of your files to ensure that your game copy is 100% accurate.
  • Download Update: Searches for updates and places them in /dev_hdd0/packages to be installed.
  • Properties: Shows game title, path, format, size, file count, folder count, and signed system version.

Global Settings

  • Adjust Screen: Allows you to set the size of your screen. Use the "Back (O)" button in the bottom left as reference.
  • Download covers: Downloads covers for all detected games.
  • Dir. to scan: Allows you to set folder to scan for PS3 games.
  • XMB Priority: When enabled, MGZ will show up as the first icon in the Games column of the XMB.
  • Show PS3 Games: Displays PS3 games in the main menu.
  • Show PS2 Games: Displays PS2 games in the main menu.
  • Show PS1 Games: Displays PS1 games in the main menu.
  • Show PSP Games: Displays PSP games in the main menu.
  • UI: Allows you to choose from four different formats for MGZ, with additional User Interface settings listed below.
  • Theme Settings: Allows you to choose general colors for MGZ.

File Manager

The file manager in GameSonic displays two folder browsing sessions side by side. You can browse through the directories by using the Left Analog Stick, press Cross to enter folders, and Square to select a file/folder.

  • Pressing Circle or Triangle on a file will allow you to do basic Copy/Paste/Move/Delete commands as well as build an ISO or fix games.
  • Pressing Circle after selecting a PKG file will allow you to extract that PKG.
  • Pressing R3 twice will exit the file manager.
  • Pressing Circle while in the root directory will allow you access to advanced options such as mounting /dev_blind/, dumping LV1 or LV2, or dumping the flash.
  • Pressing Circle on the black background will allow you to open a new window.
  • Pressing Select during a file transfer will prompt you for an option to shut down the console when the transfer is finished.