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Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and more apps can be accessed using a special modified PKG that removes the PSN connection requirement. You will need an enabled Internet connection in order for the apps to work properly and avoid errors.

Using Pre-Made PKGs

  1. Uninstall the regular version of the app from your PS3.
  2. Download the desired PKGs from or from here (release thread) or here or here.
    • If you are physically located in Europe, you will need EU Region Netflix.
  3. Install the PKGs on your PS3, start it, and sign in with your credentials.


If a No-PSN app is not working for you, first try launching Multiman or enabling Webman and running the app again. For some reason, it is required in some cases to get specific apps to work. Other fix actions you can try is reinstalling the app or reinstalling your firmware.