PS3:PS2 ISOs on OFW BC Consoles (Swap Magic)

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Swap Magic is a boot disc from the PS2 scene which allows you to run PS2 backups and homebrew content on a PS3 with any version of OFW. This includes the ability to use OPL and play games from USB or SMB, though FMV and heavy loading games may stutter.

Swap Magic only works on CECH-A through CECH-E consoles, due to the presence of full I/O emulation in PS2 mode. (IOP is emulated on CECH-C/E)

USB Loader

You will need a Swap Magic disk that is version 3.6 (or higher), burned copies will not work.

  1. Create a folder on a USB storage device named "SWAPMAGIC".
  2. Download USBLD_0.2b.elf and place it in the SWAPMAGIC folder. Rename it to SMBOOT0.elf.
  3. Insert the USB Device into the first USB port.
  4. Select the Swap Magic disc in the Games column and press DPAD-UP + L1 simultaneously. The USB Loader should boot.
  5. Press Cross for a PAL console or Circle for a NTSC console.
  6. Wait for USB Loader to load and select your game.

Splitting Games

Games larger than 4GB on USB will need to be split. Note that not all games will work as a split ISO.

  1. Download a splitting tool such as USBExtreme, and extract the contents to your Desktop and launch it.
  2. Mount the ISO that you wish to split by right-clicking it and selecting "Open with..." > Windows Explorer. If you are not using Windows 8 or 10, you will need to use a tool such as Daemon Tools Lite to mount it. Take note of the drive letter that is assigned.
  3. Navigate to where you extracted USBExtreme.exe and open it.
  4. Click on the drop down menu under "CD/DVD ROM Drive" and select the drive letter of the mounted ISO.
  5. Click on the drop down menu under "Media Type" and select "DVD".
  6. Click on the drop down menu under "Hard Drive" and select the drive letter that corresponds with your USB storage device.
  7. In the "Game Name" field enter the name of the game you will be splitting.
  8. Click the "Start" button, then click "Yes" to start the install. The program will begin splitting the game and will copy the split files to the root of your USB storage device. The games will be playable from the default location.

Creating PS2 Backups

  1. Format your USB device to FAT/FAT16/FAT32 format.
  2. Download USButil v2.0 and extract and run "USBUtil v2.0 Full (English).exe".
  3. Select File, and "Create game from ISO".
  4. Browse to your PS2 backup and select Create.
  5. The program will now copy the ISO over to your USB device. This may take some time.


The PS3 can run any emulators that the PS2 could using Swap Magic.

  • This includes, but is not limited to:
    • SNES Station (SNES)
    • PGEN (Sega Megadrive/Genesis)
    • FCEultra (NES)
    • Neopop (NeoGeo Pocket)
    • OSwanPS2 (WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color)
    • Jum's A5200 Emulator (Atari 5200)
    • Dave Gnukem (Duke Nukem)
    • Guitar Fun BETA 1.3 (homebrew Guitar Hero)
    • GEOTRON PS2 (Geometry Wars)
    • ps2_qbert (Q*Bert)
    • xrick-021212 (Rick Dangerous)
  1. Put the desired emulators and ROMs on the root of your USB device. Insert the USB device into your PS3 and run OPL.
  2. Press Circle to enter the config. Press Circle again, and scroll down to "MISC/" and press Circle. Highlight FileBrowser and press Circle. Browse down to OK and press Circle. Press DPAD buttons until FileBrowser is grey, and then press Circle.
  3. Navigate down to MASS:/ and down to USBD.IRX, then press R1 and select Copy with Circle. Press Triangle to go back. Browse to mc0:/ and press Circle.
  4. Press R1 and browse down to "New Dir" and press Circle. Name the directory according to your console's region:
Japanese consoles - BIDATA-SYSTEM
  1. Press OK and then enter the directory by pressing Circle. Press R1 and paste the USBD.IRX file by highlighting Paste and pressing Circle. Press Triangle twice to exit, and then the PS button and "Quit Game".
  2. Start OPL again, then select your emulator. This is the only step that will need to be repeated in future play sessions.

OpenPS2 Loader

OpenPS2 Loader is an alternative to USB Loader that will run PS2 ISOs from the HDD or from a Network Share. It is installed in the exact same way as USB Loader. Alternatively, you can name it as SMBOOT1.elf, install it alongside USB Loader using the same process, and launch it with DPAD-UP + L2.