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PSNpatch is a multi-functional tool for accessing PSN on CFW. Note that it is not necessary to use PSNinja or SEN Enabler together with it because PSNpatch includes all of the same features. Keep in mind that no tool is 100% effective in preventing bans.

Its features include:

  • Offline PSN Game activator
  • IDPS + PSID Spoofer
  • Firmware Version Spoofer
  • Syscall Cleaner (Hides CFW)
  • Boot Plugin to block PSN until it has been deemed "safe"
  • Plugin option to disable CFW, clear history, and spoof IDPS via a button combo
  • Option to automatically spoof IDPS at boot (auto-mode)

Running PSNpatch Manually

  1. If planning on playing a game backup online, mount the game first.
  2. Launch PSNpatch and continue holding Cross until you hear a beep, indicating that the CFW Syscalls have been disabled, execution history cleared, and IDPS spoofed (if one is set in the config file). If you do not hear a beep, it has not completed successfully.
    • It is highly recommended to install the Safety Plugin to prevent connecting to PSN without first running PSNpatch.

Installing the Safety Plugin

THE SAFETY PLUGIN DOES NOT WORK ON DEX FIRMWARE. Some people have also reported boot issues with the plugin on 4.82 firmwares.

The safety plugin will prevent you from connecting to PSN unless you have run PSNpatch or used a button combo to run it.

  1. Launch PSNpatch and enter the TOOLBOX sub-menu by pressing the ENTER button as shown on your screen.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the plugin and reboot. Your console will now have PSN disabled at boot-up.
  3. Press L3+R3+R2; CFW will be disabled, IDPS spoofed, game execution history cleared, and PSN connection unlocked. You can now sign into PSN.
    • If it freezes after a reboot, try holding SELECT + L2 + R3 + L3 on bootup to remove your boot_plugins.txt file and prevent the plugin from booting up

IDPS Spoofer Auto-Mode

You can set PSNpatch to automatically spoof an IDPS at boot time.

  1. Turn off your console.
  2. Press the PS button on your controller to turn the console on.
  3. Wait until the PS3 boot up sound is played.
  4. Press and hold L3+R3+R2.
  5. Wait for 2 beeps and a confirmation message that auto-mode has been set successfully. The system will reboot.

Installing RAPs and EDATs

PSN content can be activated using PSNpatch. Keep in mind that **this requires that you have connected to PSN or have run ReActPSN at least once in the past** in order to activate it. ReActPSN on the other hand, can be used completely offline. You can configure it to search for the RAPs on your internal hard drive if you change the rap file path /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/psnpatch.cfg or /dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/default.cfg.

  1. Place RAPs and/or EDATs in a folder named "exdata" on your USB storage device. Ensure that the files end in .rap and not .RAP.
  2. Plug the USB device into the right-most USB port of your PS3.
  3. Launch PSNpatch, and press L1. It should process them, and your content will be activated. You can now remove the flash drive.
    • RAPs are installed using the current IDPS (whether it's the original, or spoofed). Your content will only work when using that IDPS.

Spoofing Firmware Version

In the event that a new official firmware is released, you have the option to spoof the currently installed firmware to the new version. You can do this by editing the config file found at /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/psnpatch.cfg or /dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/default.cfg and changing the values for cobra_spoof_version and cobra_spoof_revision to the latest numbers. These values can be looked up or can be found in an up-to-date SEN Enabler.

The values for 4.91 are:

  • cobra_spoof_version=0491
  • cobra_spoof_revision=68392

Unlocking C00 Demos

Time trial demos, or "C00" demos can be unlocked by pressing R1 from within PSNpatch. The current IDPS does not matter, the demos will stay activated if you change the IDPS.

Changing the CID

You will need a valid CID from another PS3. In the past, PSP CIDs would also work, but this is no longer the case.

  1. Use an FTP program or Multiman to browse to /dev_hdd0/game/PSNP11001/USRDIR/ and open psnpatch.cfg with a text editor. If the folder does not exist, check inside of /dev_hdd0/game/BLJS10018/USRDIR/ for a file called default.cfg.
  2. Change the lines "idps=000..." and "psid=000..." to the respective values. If you do not have a matching PSID, leave it as zeroes. It will still work without a matching PSID, but it is potentially slightly more risky. Ensure that both values are 32 digits long.
  3. If you used FTP, make sure to upload the file back to the PS3.
  4. Launch PSNPatch and press Square to spoof the new CID. Alternatively, if you have set up the PSNPatch plugin, reboot, and press L3+R3+R2 to spoof your CID, disable CFW, and enable PSN access.
    • If you receive error 0x8002A224, this indicates that your CID is not valid.

Tips to avoid getting banned

  • Don't run homebrew while connected to PSN; start your game up and use PSNpatch before you connect to PSN.
  • Always run PSNpatch or similar software to clear your logs and hide your CFW prior to connecting to PSN.
  • Use an antiban EBOOT for games that need one
  • Do not play unreleased games while offline and then play on PSN with the same account; you will be banned when the trophies sync.
  • Modding in public and being reported by other users will get you banned!