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Exclamation-triangle-fill.svgConnecting to PSN is never 100% safe.

SEN Enabler allows you to run tools and patches to protect your console from bans when going on PSN. Keep in mind that no tool is 100% effective in preventing bans.

Main Menu Options

  • Show help: Shows the help screen (this list)
  • See PS3 data: Shows the PS3 system information, current settings, and the motherboard version
  • Hide info: Disables CFW/Syscalls
  • Delete history files: Deletes temp files
  • Change TargetID: Changes TargetID
  • Patch all: Patches Console ID (CID), deletes temp files, and hides CFW functions
  • SEN/PSN Options: Shows spoofer options and tasks for SEN/PSN
    • Do NOT go on PSN using the 9.99 spoof option
  • Settings: Changes settings
  • Patch data: Patches Console ID (CID) and/or PSID
  • Change MAC: Changes MAC address to specified address


A plugin can be enabled under the SEN/PSN Options menu. If you have a Cobra-based firmware or PRX Loader installed, you can use button combos on the XMB to manipulate SEN Enabler functions.

  • L3+R3: Patches ConsoleID and/or PSID (using ConsoleID.bin and/or PSID.bin)
  • Circle+L3: Shows current ConsoleID, PSID and MAC
  • Circle+L1: Patches MAC (with MAC.txt or MAC.bin)
  • Circle+L2: Patches all (hides CFW/Syscalls, deletes history files, disables plugin until reboot)
  • Circle+R1: Patches/hides CFW data
  • Circle+R3: Deletes history files
  • Circle+Select: Shows CPU/RSX temperature
  • Circle+Start: Disables plugin
  • Square+L1: Reboots PS3
  • Square+L2: Shuts down PS3


This is a list of the TargetIDs that you can change to. It is recommended only to use the DEX entry and the TargetID you started on.

Value Console Type Shortcode
0X81 SD System Debugger / DECR Reference Tool / DECR TOOL
0X82 DEX Debug / DECH DEX
0X83 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Japan J1
0X84 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - USA UC2
0X85 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Europe CEL
0X86 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Korea KR2
0X87 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - United Kingdom CEK
0X88 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Mexico MX2
0X89 CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Australia/New Zealand AU3
0X8A CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - South Asia E12
0X8B CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Taiwan TW1
0X8C CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Russia RU3
0X8D CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - China (Never released) CN9
0X8E CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Hong Kong HK5
0X8F CEX Retail or Shop Kiosk - Brazil BR2