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webMAN is a Cobra/Mamba boot plugin featuring many of Multiman's features accessible from the XMB.

webMAN-MOD is a well maintained fork that has a few extra features, such as an easy installer and IDPS spoofing. The version previously bundled with Rebug firmware is webMAN-MOD, but more recent versions can be downloaded with the installation instructions below.

webMAN-MOD also has an official wiki that details every feature of webMAN-MOD in great detail, like how some actions toggled by button combos or web commands.


  • Mount PS3/PS2/PSX/PSP games from the XMB, a built in web server interface, or the custom sLaunch menu.
  • Always-on FTP server, even while playing games
  • Always-on MAPI functions
  • Always-on web server interface
  • Fan control settings
  • Clearing syscalls and history to safely access PSN with a button combo
  • Block PSN
  • Automatically spoof IDPS & PSID at boot
  • Install PKGs (such as PSN games) to an external HDD
  • Record video
  • Screenshot XMB
  • Stream games from a PC over the network


  1. Download and install the latest "webMAN_MOD_[version]_Installer.pkg" from here and run the installer while holding L1 to get the most updated full version. You will need to be on a Cobra compatible CFW or the latest PS3HEN in order for webMAN to work.
    • When you reinstall or update your CFW, you will need to reinstall webMAN from the installer, so you can keep the installer on your PS3.
  2. Once webMAN-MOD is installed, it will run a web server and FTP server in the background. It will also change the fan speed of your system to be more aggressive in order to stay under 68°c, but this can be changed if this isn't desired.
  3. On the PS3, it can be accessed through GAME → webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → PS3 webMAN [Setup], [Temperature], [Games], or [Files] OR by going in the web browser and typing a localhost IP address like
  4. On a phone, tablet, or computer, it can be accessed through a web browser and typing the PS3's IP address as a web address.

webMAN Setup

You can access the webMAN setup by navigating to webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → PS3 webMAN [Setup], or by using another device and typing in the IP of your PS3. A few of the most useful settings are:

  • Scan for content: Allows you to select what folders show up on the XMB.
  • Load last-played game on startup: Allows webMAN to automatically mount and launch the last game you played on startup.
  • Disable startup notification of WebMAN on the XMB: Disables the "webMAN Loaded!" notification on boot up.
  • Disable firmware version spoofing: By unchecking the box, it will spoof your firmware to the current version when that version of webMAN was released.
  • Auto-Play: Will automatically launch a game after you mount it
  • Enable dynamic fan control: Allows you to set thresholds for when the fan should kick on and how powerful it should be. On later consoles that don't have a 90 nm RSX, you can just use the SYSCON fan settings.
  • Scan for LAN games/videos: Allows you to stream games/videos from another device on your network. See the above section for details.
  • Change IDPS and PSID in lv2 memory at system startup: Will spoof your console's IDPS and PSID values to the ones supplied. The buttons next to the text boxes will restore the console's stock PSID/IDPS in the text boxes.
  • XMB/In-Game PAD Shortcuts: Allows you to enable or disable button combo shortcuts. It is recommended to disable any that conflict with other apps.
  • "Wait for any USB device to be ready" and "Wait additionally for each selected USB device to be read": If you are having issues with your external hard drive being recognized at bootup, change this to 5 seconds or longer.

Make sure to select Save at the bottom of the page when you're done, and then restart your PS3 by scrolling up and selecting the "Here" hyperlink.

Running Backups

  1. On the XMB, select the webMAN Games folder.
  2. Select the desired category and game. In older versions of webMAN, it will open the Internet browser. Select Yes to close the browser.
  3. Press the game disc button to start the game.
  • If the disc icon does not show up for PSP games, you will need to launch it with a PSP Launcher.

Running Backups over Network

PS3netsrv is a function that allows you to stream game backups over your network from a PC. You can configure this option in GAME → webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → PS3 webMAN [Setup], by entering the IP address of your PS3netsrv server host and the port under the "Scan for LAN games/videos" setting. The games will then show up with the rest of your games in the webMAN games folder on the XMB.

Installing PKGs to External HDD

webMAN gives you the option to redirect the install location of PKGs to your external hard drive. You can toggle this between a USB device and your internal hard drive by selecting webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → Toggle external gameDATA. After toggling it, you can back out to the XMB and install a package as usual. A folder will be created on your USB device labelled "GAMEI" and will host your installed files. Not all games are compatible with an externalized gameDATA.

Managing Access to PSN

webMAN MOD has several options for managing access to PSN. Go to webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → PS3 webMAN [Setup] or the console's IP address in a web browser and click the drop down menu for the IDPS & MEM Setup.

Stealth Features

You can toggle webMAN to disable CFW syscalls and clear history files at system startup, effectively making it similar to an OFW console. This doesn't effect webMAN running in the background and it can still be turned off through the webMAN setup. You can also manaully turn off PSN blocking in webMAN-MOD and/or Evilnat CFW by pressing Triangle + R2 in the XMB, which also disables homebrew syscalls while clearing error logs.

The "Offline" drop down menu will allow you to block access to PSN with webMAN-MOD. Lock PSN will allow you to disable it globally. Games will have similar behavior, but will automatically use the disable syscalls function if a PSN enabled game disc or disc backup is mounted to the console.

Update Blocking

If you want to block updates and/or access PSN on old firmware, download this file and put it on the root of dev_hdd0 using FTP or USB storage with a file manager. If webMAN-MOD is installed, it will use this file to spoof the console's version to the latest firmware available.

Taking Screenshots

By pressing the button combo Start + R2, a screenshot will be saved to dev_hdd0/photos.

Recording Video

webMAN allows for video recording while in-game. Press the PS button while in a game, then Select+R3 to begin recording. Press the PS button, and Select+R3 again to stop recording. An MP4 will be generated in /dev_hdd0/VIDEO. Keep in mind that not every game may work.


  • Games won't show up in games list
    • Try selecting webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → Refresh XML and then reboot. If you are using an NTFS hard drive, update to the latest version of webMAN by looking at the installation instructions above.
  • webMAN crashes to recovery
    • Try deleting the old webMAN settings by navigating into webMAN Games → webMAN Setup → Delete Config. Alternatively, you can use the button combo SELECT+L2+R2+R3.
  • Games won't load after updating
    • Make sure that your CFW has Cobra integrated in it. If you are on Rebug 4.81.2 or older, make sure that Cobra is turned on in Rebug Toolbox. Occasionally when updating, you will still see webMAN on the XMB even though Cobra is turned off.
  • PS3 Freezing when trying to launch a webMAN game
    • Try toggling Cobra off and back on in Rebug Toolbox.