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WinSCP is a FTP client that allows you to transfer files to and from your PS3. If you have WebmanMOD enabled, an FTP server will always be running in the background, otherwise you can open Multiman and it will be running as long as you are in the app.

Starting an FTP Session

  1. Make sure you have a network connection (Ethernet or WiFi) between your PS3 and PC.
  2. On your PS3, browse to "Network Settings" and test Internet connection. Make note of your PS3's IP address.
    • Alternatively pressing START+SELECT with webmanMOD installed will display various information about your PS3 including the IP address in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Open WinSCP and select FTP in the "File Protocol" box. Enter your PS3's IP address into the "Host name" field, leave the port number as 21, and click the "Login" button.
    • By default, the PS3 will not have a username or password set, those fields can be left blank.
    • If prompted for credentials, press the "OK" button without entering anything.
  4. On the right-hand side, you should see a directory listing of the different partitions on the drive as well as any USB devices.
    • /dev_hdd0/ is your hard drive's main directory
    • /dev_usb00#/ is a USB device
    • /dev_blind/ or /dev_rebug/ is your flash - Do not modify the files here unless you know what you are doing
  5. You can browse your PC on the left-hand side and upload or download files by right clicking them and choosing the relevant option on either session, or by dragging and dropping files between the panes.


  • If you cannot see a file that you just placed on your PS3, try pressing CTRL+R to refresh WinSCP's file list.