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Miscellaneous Information page

TO-DO List

  • Test if you can extract a PSP or PS1 ISO, move to PS3, then use Multiman to create an ISO out of it 1
  • LV2 loader (test MFW) 1 (or just do via Rebug Toolbox?)
  • SND0.AC3 creation 1
  • HDD Reader Utilities 1
  • Universal Media Center
  • Netcheat 1
  • Animated Coldboots 1
  • Installing emulators/ROMs in Multiman
  • Extracting PKGs to external (without gameDATA) 1
  • Duplicate File Removal 1
  • Joonie said that PSPISOs are supported on FAT32 natively, but not NTFS?
  • Joonie said that BC consoles can load OPL internally with this ISO, and that OPL supports SMB and FAT32 USB
  • Tomb Raider 1 and 2 (PS1) broken, but will work after loading Silent Hill; Is there a way to achieve this with Webman? WonderMike tried it.
  • Can you symlink ps3netsrv to a NAS?
  • Ps3netsrv on Linux 1 2 3
  • How do you find the revision number for a new firmware for spoofing PSNpatch?
  • IDPS Dumper: what models are supported and how to use it
  • BT/USB Audio Passthrough (Rebug 4.81/4.82) 1 2
  • PSP Homebrew on PS3 1 2
  • Tutorial to start PS3 homebrew development Docker
  • New backup injection method? 1
  • Tutorial for formatting a FAT32 hard drive
  • How to make an IRD from an official disc/dump
  • Cloud save backup app 1
  • Trying PS1 CONFIGs on Tomb Raider and other incompatible games 1
  • Game modding pages, including guides for Skyrim/Fallout/UT3 mods (UT3 archive)
  • Put this source for MakePS3ISO somewhere (useful for Linux)
  • PSV Save Converter