PS4:Alternative Methods of Jailbreaking

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This page provides a:

  • Method that allows direct access to the previous DNS method via the Internet Browser and self-hosting.
  • Method that will allow you to completely stay offline and create your own host website for your jailbroken PS4.

For people who can't access DNS

  • For some people, their ISP (Internet Provider) will not allow the user to use any DNS thus can't jailbreak the same way as everyone else.
  • Don't worry, it is just as easy to continue the guide.
  • On your PS4, open Internet Browser and navigate to either:
    • - Direct link to the DNS site.
    • - Another all in one host by Karo.
  • Simply pick one of these, pick your firmware and select GoldHEN.
  • FOR 9.00 ONLY: If you see "Insert USB now", plug in your USB drive we did with Rufus, wait until the notification pops and disappears, then press OK. If you see "You're all set", it means you now jailbroken the PS4 (also on FW lower than 9.00 this should appear without a USB drive)
  • Additionally, to also block PSN connection like the DNS would've done, you can navigate on your PS4, after jailbreaking, to Debug settings > PlayStation Network > NP Environment, and simply change np value to any other word (like block, for example).
  • Congratulations, you now have jailbroken your PS4! Enjoy! (9.00 users, you need to remove the USB after you see the "You're all set!" screen).


  • Self-hosting involves cloning a website then running it locally using your PC as the server.
  • If you have DNS ISP problem this most likely wont work.
  • First, find a host you want to clone. Examples:
  • Download and install/unarchive:
  • Run XAMPP and open its control panel. Select Start so that Apache can turn green.
  • Open a cmd and run: ipconfig to find your IP Address (IPv4 Address). Take note of it.
  • Put to the folder C:/Python27/
  • In the same folder create a .txt file and write:
    • A IPADDRESS - replace IPADDRESS with your IP Address you took note of.
  • Save the file and rename it to dns.conf. Make sure its a .conf and NOT a .txt file
  • Back to cmd, run the command: -c dns.conf . This will start a fake server.
  • On the PS4, navigate to Settings > Network > Check Connect to the Internet, then Set Up Internet Connection and:
Connection: Wi-Fi or LAN cable
Set Up: Custom
IP Address: Automatic
DHCP Host Name: Do Not Specify
DNS Settings: Manual
Primary DNS: YOUR IP ADDRESS     - Explanation: This DNS will redirect you to the host.
Secondary DNS:
MTU Settings: Automatic
Proxy Server: Do Not Use
  • On your PS4, navigate to Settings > User's Guide/Helpful Info > User Guide. Take note of the address it tries to load. It should appear like this:
    • - Take note of the region code. Could be "Ca" or "en", "eu" etc.
  • Back to the PS4, go to C:/XAMPP/htdocs/. Create folders that will copy the website structure before noted. It should look like this.
    • C:/XAMPP/htdocs/document/region/ps4/ - again replace region with your own region code.
  • In the final PS4 folder copy and paste the host cloned before (no archive).
  • Back to the PS4, navigate to Settings > User's Guide/Helpful Info > User Guide and the new host should now load.
  • Select firmware and jailbreak using GoldHEN.
  • Done.

Final notes

  • Your PC must be running first time including the XAMPP Apache start and script. For hosts with caching, you need to do this only once.