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Emulators are applications that act/behave like a completely different system in order to play games released before / not natively made for PS4. On the PS4, there are two types of emulators: official emulators (either made by Sony or the company that made/owns the rights to the emulated console) and emulator ports (fan-made emulators ported to PS4).

  • Officially, the PS4 can emulate: PS1, PS2, PSP (very few games), and Sega Saturn.
  • Emulator ports allow the PS4 to emulate: MSDOS, NES, every GameBoy, MAME, Atari Lynx, Neo-Geo Pocket, SNES, VirtualBoy, WonderSwan, Nintendo 64, PS1, Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Nintendo DS, FB Alpha Arcades, Capcom PS1,2 &3, MSX, NEC PC-FX, NEC PC Engine, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, old PC games, Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Vectrex, PSP, various ports, and 3DO.



  • PS2 (with creation tools such as PS2-FPKG 0.6)
  • PS1 (with creation tools such as PSX-FPKG 0.2)
  • PSP (NOT RECOMMENDED - with creation tools such as PSP HD GUI V.1.0)
  • Sega Saturn (with creation tools such as SATURN-FPKG 1.1)


  • RetroArch (multiple systems - unofficially ported)
  • mGBA (Game Boy Advance)
  • PCSX-R (PS1)
  • GBemu (Game Boy / Game Boy Color)
  • Cinoop (Game Boy / Game Boy Color)
  • PS4NES (NES)
  • PNES (NES)
  • Reicast (Dreamcast)
  • Yabause (Saturn)
  • fMSX (MSX)
  • Chip8 (CHIP8)
  • OpenBOR (Open Beats of Rage engine)

Via PSP Package

SMSPlus (Master System)

Via PS2 Package

SNESStation (Super Nintendo) FCEUX (NES) DOSBox (MS-DOS)

Via RetroArch for PS2

ReGBA (Game Boy Advance) DaedalusX64 (Nintendo 64) QuickNES (NES) PicoDrive (Genesis / Master System) PGEN (Genesis)

Homebrew Games

  • Lapy Game Collection
  • River Raid by Lapy
  • Console Wars by Lapy
  • Brain Splitter by Lapy
  • Nanospeed Gamer by Lapy
  • PS4 Doom ps4 port of DOOM
  • PS4 Snake ps4 port of Snake
  • PS4 Pacman ps4 port of Pac-Man
  • ShepHard by MasterTurkey
  • The Enchanted Forrest by RetroGamer74