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Note This page serves as credits for the scene for any major releases and progress. This list is not a complete listing of works by the authors. If you enjoy any scene devs’ work, please consider donating to them to show your appreciation. Thank you all for making this scene great!

CTurt - For researching and releasing details of the 1.76 kernel exploit, creating the first jailbreak for the console, contributing to PS4 Playground, and creating the first native emulator on PS4 (Cinoop).

qwertyoruiop - For assisting in the 1.76 kernel exploit, the 4.55 jailbreak, and releasing the 3.50 public WebKit exploit and 4.55 kernel exploit.

The Fail0verflow Team - For porting Linux to the PS4 and exploiting the console via PCI-E MITM attack.

Nas and Proxima - For bringing the first Webkit exploit to PS4 and contributing to PS4 Playground.

SKFU, Xerpi, droogie, Xerpi, Hunger, Takezo - For PS4 Playground and File Browser.

Flatz - For helping with the 4.55 firmware jailbreak, and making Debug Settings, custom PKG installation, and PS2 backup loading possible.

SpecterDev - For releasing the 4.05 and 4.55 firmware jailbreaks, the 5.03 firmware WebKit exploit, and porting PS4 Playground to 3.55 firmware.

CFWProphet - For the first NOR flash tool, Fake PKG Generator, and Fake PS2 PKG Generator.

Zecoxao - For releasing a dump of a devkit to the public, figuring out how to decrypt and dump games, and work in reverse engineering.

Zer0xFF - For releasing the dlclose exploit source code.

Hitodama - For improving the open dlclose exploit, adding userland and kernel ELF loading, and creating the advanced unofficial kernel SDK with kernel hooking abilities.

kR105 - For releasing the first fully usable USB dlclose exploit tool.

Fire30 - For creating a WebKit PoC for 2.04 firmware.

Hunter128 - For creating a WebKit PoC for 3.50 firmware.

Fx0day - For releasing the first tutorial for end-users to fully install Linux.

OsirisX - For releasing the first tutorial for running Steam games on Linux.

Liang Chen - For finding the 2.04 WebKit exploit, which was later ported to PS4 by Fire30.

CelesteBlue - Created first update blocker and multi-firmware payload,

Team Chaitin - For their 4.01 jailbreak demonstration at GeekPwn and releasing their ROP code.

Unsorted credits: m0rph3us1987, CMX, Lokihardt, Shuffle2, banty

And anyone else who made an impact on the scene and made this all possible. Thank you all!

Please message the moderators if any information is incorrect, or if there is any other developers deserving of recognition