PS4:Updating your Firmware (OFW/CFW)

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In the event that you wish to update your firmware without connecting to PSN, you can update via a USB storage device. **Ensure that there is no disk inside of the PS4 when attempting to update the firmware**.

Updating the Firmware (Recovery Mode)

  1. Remove any disks in the Blu-Ray drive and disconnect the console from the Internet.
  2. Create a folder called "PS4" on the root of your USB storage device.
  3. Create a folder within the PS4 folder called "UPDATE".
  4. Place the desired firmware within the UPDATE folder and rename it "PS4UPDATE.PUP".
  5. Plug your USB storage device into the right-most USB port of your PS4.
  6. Boot your console into the Recovery Menu by powering it on, holding the power button until it turns off, then holding it again until it does it a quick double-beep.
  7. Select "System Update" and choose "Update via Storage Media".
  8. Allow update to install and reboot.
    • You will most likely need to update your apps, such as Multiman or Rebug Toolbox, to fully use them.