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Below is a list of homebrew games and ports for the Sega SG-1000. This list was compiled from multiple lists and forum posts [1][2].

Homebrew Games

Game Name Notes
Arno Dash under4mhz
Arno Dash 2 under4mhz
Astrododge Revival Studios
Bacachase nitrofurano
Cheril Perils Classic Mojon Twins, GitHub
Che Man Mojon Twins, GitHub
CMJN nitrofurano
Earth Attack thegeps
Foryster siudym
FudeBrowser Ricardo Bittencourt
H7N9 nitrofurano
Jet Paco & Jet Puri Mojon Twins, GitHub
Klondike Solitaire under4mhz
Lawnmower nitrofurano
Libreway nitrofurano
Lines under4mhz
Nyan Cat nitrofurano
Omikuji Maechiko
Palikat helmha
Pegged Solitaire under4mhz
Pitman under4mhz
S_Sniper Maechiko
Sgt Helmet Training Day Mojon Twins, GitHub
Skyfox helma and Sammy138
Super Uwol! - Starring Uwol & Meemaid Mojon Twins, GitHub
Vexed under4mhz
XBill nitrofurano

Homebrew Games

Game Name Notes
Mahjong Solitaire under4mhz
Pole Position Remake nitrofurano
Snake Wickeycolumbus
Snake under4mhz