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The Fenrir is an ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) created by Ced2911 that allows you to emulate your Saturn's optical disc drive and run Saturn games without using the disc. While it was originally intended to physically replace the disc drive, a separate mod — the Saturn:Saturn Switcher — allows you to have both the ODE and disc drive installed at the same time. The device originally retailed for $139.99 USD.

Official installation instructions can be found here , though it is highly recommended users join the official Fenrir Discord for additional support and product usage not covered on the website.


  • Compatible with 20 pin and 21 pin models (separate kits for 20 and 21 pin models, as well as universally-compatible Duo model).
  • Allows for backup and restore of game saves stored in SRAM.
  • Allows for the MPEG cartridge slot to be used.
  • Wi-Fi (limited to alpha firmware and certain Fenrir models).
  • Boot backups from SD card.
  • Nested folders.
  • Screenshots feature.
  • Solderless install.
  • Fenrir Loader Kai is a third-party menu with save data manager, cheat code support, and other features.

File Formats Supported

  • ISO

Note that Fenrir is often incompatible with multi-track disc images that have been merged into a single BIN (along with a CUE index). It's suggested users seek out multi-track disc images in such cases (i.e., a CUE with multiple BINs). Otherwise, a CUE with a single BIN containing merged tracks can be converted to multi-track using Sega Saturn Patcher by launching the application, selecting "CD Image" and choosing your game file, selecting "Separate Track Files" in the bottom-right, and choosing "Build Image". Ensure that you choose "CUE/BIN" from the save file drop-down menu.

Disc Image Boot Options

Fenrir offers three methods for booting disc images, although not documented on the Fenrir website nor the menu software itself. Note that some games require being booted with one of the three methods below in order to work.

  • Press A to launch game in fast-boot mode. This skips a full boot cycle (i.e., Saturn BIOS splash screen won't be shown again, and the console won't boot back into an Action Replay or similar cart). This method works for the majority of games.
  • Press Z to launch game in full-boot mode. This mounts the disc image and resets the console for a full boot cycle, giving the user access to their Action Replay cart or similar (i.e., to enable cheats). Note that some games require this method in order to be successfully launched.
  • Press C to perform a soft-reset and boot to cartridge. This mounts the disc image and soft resets the console for a full boot cycle, giving the user access to their Action Replay cart or similar (i.e., to enable cheats). Note that this boot method only works if a cartridge is present.
  • Press X to launch game in CD player mode. This mounts the disc image and exits to the Saturn's built-in CD player, useful for VCD playback.


  • Compatible with Saturn backup and RAM expansion cartridges.
  • Compatible Action Replay and Pseudo Saturn Kai.
  • CAN'T play CD+G discs. There are zero retail games that use CD+G tracks. However, Saturn hardware itself supports CD+G.
  • CAN'T disc-swap


Due to the replacement of the disc drive original discs can no longer be used. Original discs can be used if the Saturn:Saturn Switcher mod is used alongside the Fenrir. In game disc-swapping not supported yet, but disc-swapping is supported for games that require you to save before swapping discs.

In-Game Reset

For games that support in-game reset, Fenrir hooks into the routine to return the user back to the Fenrir menu. This is achieved by repeatedly pressing ABC+Start or press reset while holding A until the Saturn's CD player opens. A few seconds later, selecting the top-left "Start Application" option on the CD player menu will return user to the Fenrir game-selection menu.

Firmware Updates

Firmware is updated by loading a new update file onto the root of your SD card and then powering on your Saturn. The update is automatically applied.

  • Beta firmware, which is highly recommended and has been stable for February, 2023, can be found in the #beta-firmware channel on the official Fenrir Discord.
  • Legacy firmware updates can be found here.