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Super Prologue 21 is a Saturn built into a Kareoke machine with a VA0 Saturn motherboard. This page covers the SKC-3000 variant. Not other variants. Other variants are different interally but overall are the same; a Kareoke machine using Saturn as a processor.

Common failures include no power, black screen on powerup and not reading discs. Overhauling a Prologue 21 should not be taken lightly and only approached by absolute experts with a very large amount of experience.

There is a messy wiring harness system inside the Prologue unit with total disassembly required to access the CD-ROM drive which is a common failure point. It is recommended to take photos on your phone overdocumenting your disassembly process in order to reduce pain in reassembly. It is also recommended to unplug, from wiring harnesses, ONE card at a time for recapping and then connecting the wiring system back to the card. Rinse and repeat.

Main motherboard is a normal VA0 Saturn motherboard with modification to the cartridge slot; the cartridge slot is modified to accomodate the kareoke scsi card subsystem. FRAM modification can be applied. However a region free bios replacement is not recommended as the Saturn uses a unique EEPROM module compared to standard VA0-VA0.5 Saturn motherboards. Unless the Specific Kareoke BIOS EEPROM is region patched do NOT place a regular region free EEPROM in the socket.

Roland 01-HR-SE Harmony Board

Should have a Sega logo somewhere along with "SKZ-0001 835-12275".

For this card you can use through hole capacitors fine provided they're pushed downward and position strategically.

Roland Harmony Board 01-HR-SE
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C13 100uf 6v SMD
C14 100UF 6V SMD
C7 100UF 6V SMD
C100 10UF 16V SMD
C64 10UF 16V SMD
C51 10UF 25V
C98 10UF 25V
C48 10UF 16V SMD
C97 1UF 50V SMD
C96 1UF 50V SMD
C26 10UF 16V SMD
C62 10UF 25V
C66 10UF 25V
C63 10UF 25V
C71 100UF 6V SMD
C74 10UF 16V SMD
C35 10UF 16V SMD
C36 10UF 16V SMD
C54 10UF 25V
C55 10UF 25V
C32 10UF 25V
C94 10UF 25V
C52 10UF 16V SMD
C39 10UF 16V SMD
C85 10UF 16V SMD
C88 10UF 16V
C3 1UF 50V SMD

Denon GU-2824-3 I/O Unit

Denon I/O Unit
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C465 100uf 10v
C506 100UF 6.3V
C451 330UF 6.3V
C502 100UF 16V
C457 2.2UF 50V

Sega DSP Board ASSY 70459323 00

Made by BOSS. Note the light capacitor damage from SMD Capacitors.

BOSS card. Note leaking SMD capacitors.
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C14 1uf 50v
C7 1UF 50V
C16 10UF 16V
C27 10UF 16V
C24 10uf 16v
C18 10UF 16V
C38?(right below C16) 1UF 50V
C30 (below C38) 1UF 50V
C28 47UF 6V
C29 47uf 6v
C? (right below C28) 1UF 50V
C52? (near IC10 silkscreen) 1UF 50V
C59 10UF 16V
C71 10UF 16V
C68 10UF 16V
C62 10UF 16V
C82 (below C59) 1uf 50v
C74 (above C72) 1UF 50V
C72 47UF 6V
C73 47UF 6V
C105 100UF 16V
C90 330UF 6V? (try to go to 10V)?
C101 100UF 16V
C100 100UF 16V

Roland 01-SE Sound Module Board

Primary Roland Sound MIDI module.

MIDI card
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C3 10uf 16v
C15 10UF 16V
C40 10UF 16V
C19 10UF 16V
C52 100uf 16v
C54 47UF 16V
C53 47UF 16V
C24 100UF 16V
C23 47UF 16V
C25 10uf 16v
C29 10UF 16V
C32 10UF 16V
C36 10UF 16V
C33 47UF 16V
C37 100UF 16V
C34 100UF 16V
C67 47uf 16v
C69 100UF 16V
C68 47UF 16V


SCSI Card plugs into modified VA0 Saturn board. The HDD connects to this card. On this special 'sandwhich' card is full of RAM and SCSI LSI. It is two cards connected together with a connector.

If using radial capacitors keep in mind the capacitor legs must be very carefully trimmed so the card can be closed together again.

RAM card connected to SCSI card
Denon GU-2825-2 (RAM)
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C155 47uf 16v
C156 47UF 16V
C153 47UF 16V
C154 47UF 16V
C150 100uf 16v
C149 100UF 16V
C147 100UF 16V
C148 100UF 16V
C152 10UF 50V
C151 10uf 50v
C124 100UF 6.3V
C117 100UF 6.3V
C183 100UF 6.3V

Denon GU-2825-1 Has all the components for Saturn to interact with SCSI HDD with SCSI port connected. It also connects to the Denon RAM card.

SCSI card that connects to Saturn and HDD
Denon SCSI LSI Card
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C69 100uf 6.3v
C3 100UF 6.3V
C1 100UF 6.3V
C42 100UF 6.3V
C30 100uf 6.3v
C18 100UF 6.3V
C14 10UF 25V
C26 10UF 25V
C38 10UF 25V
C37 10uf 25v
C25 10UF 25V
C24 10UF 25V
C13 10UF 25V
C12 10UF 25V
C36 10UF 25V
C119 10UF 16V
C118 10UF 16V
C125 10UF 16V

Denon GU-2826-1

Denon Card with 4 (!) Composite video out, S-video out, two composite inputs? and a console port.

Composite card
Composite/S-video Card
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C903 220uf 16v
C902 220UF 16V
C904 10UF 16V
C926 100UF 16V
C928 470uf 6.3v
C923 100UF 16V
C925 470UF 6.3V
C920 100UF 16V
C922 470UF 6.3V
C917 100uf 16v
C919 470F 6.3V
C905 10UF 16V
C906 10UF 16V
C908 100UF 16V
C914 1UF 50V
C913 1UF 50V

Denon NCMK-C2X

Denon card resposible for some mixing of audio and video?

Denon card with mixing capabilities.
Soldered wiring harness. You will need to remove and add the harness back once you're done recapping
Denon Mixing board
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C182 220uf 25v
C184 220UF 25V
C10 10UF 16V
C5 10UF 16V
C12 100uf 16v
C377 (Behind green port) 1UF 50V
C3 1UF 50V
C13 100UF 16V
C8 1UF 50V
C16 1uf 50v
C180 10UF 16V
C168 10UF 16V
C167 10UF 16V
C179 10UF 16V
C161 1UF 50V
C164 1UF 50V
C158 100uf 16v
C157 100UF 16V
C162 22UF 50V
C155 1UF 50V
C150 10UF 16V
C138 10UF 16v
C149 10UF 16V
C136 10UF 16V
C130 10UF 16V
C153 1UF 50V
C126 10UF 16V
C113 1uf 50v
C125 10UF 16V
C135 10UF 16V
C121 1UF 50V
C122 22UF 50V
C116 100UF 16V
C115 1UF 50V
C118 100uf 16v

Denon GU-2825-3

Seems to be the external SCSI for for the Prologue unit that connects to Commander CD-changer unit.

Notice the two fuses that could potentially blow. They're 1.6A each

20220626 172342.jpg
EXT SCSI Interace
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C164 10uf 6.3v
C162 10UF 16V
C17 100UF 6.3V

Yamaha XR650

Yamaha DC Module card

20220626 175253.jpg
EXT SCSI Interace
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C3 470uf 16v
C4 470UF 16V
C2 100UF 16V
C1 100UF 16V

Denon GU-2821-2

One of two Denon cards on the front metal plate, right behind Prologue front panel

20220626 181405.jpg
Denon Front Plate card
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C375 220uf 25v
C71 10UF 16V
C72 10UF 16V
C374 220UF 25V
C85 10uf 16v
C86 10UF 16V
C108 100UF 16V
C110 100UF 16V
C98 100UF 16V
C95 100uf 16v
C189 10UF 16V
C190 10UF 16V
C353 220UF 25V
C351 220UF 25V
C329 10UF 16V
C33? (part is cut off) 10UF 16V
C335 10uf 16v
C336 10UF 16V
C363 100UF 16V
C284 100UF 16V
C282 100UF 16V
C364 100UF 16v

Denon GU-2831-3

Card attached to front faceplate responsible for volume adjustments.

20220626 212852.jpg
Denon Volume card
Capacitor Microfarad Voltage
C224 100uf 16v
C223 100UF 16V
C224 10UF 16V
C236 100UF 16V
C235 100uf 16v
C225 22UF 50v
C221 10UF 16V
C213 10UF 16V
C388 10UF 16V
C215 10uf 16v
C204 10UF 16V
C387 10UF 16V
C241 10UF 16V
C242 10UF 16V
C243 10UF 16V
C247 0.1UF 50V
C254 22uf 50v
C249 100UF 16V
C248 100UF 16V
C261 0.1UF 50V
C259 10UF 16V
C255 100UF 25v
C267 100uf 16v
C260 10UF 16V
C268 100UF 16V
C324 100UF 16V
C308 100uf 16v
C384 10UF 16v
C323 100UF 16V
C307 100UF 16V
C305 100UF 16V
C306 100uf 16v
C315 100UF 16V
C314 100UF 16V
C382 10UF 16V
C383 10UF 16V
C292 100UF 16V
C290 100UF 16V
C300 100uf 16v
C381 10UF 16V
C289 100UF 16V
C291 100UF 16V
C300 100UF 16V