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Juxtapose Images

  1. Upload the two images you want to juxtapose on ConsoleMods by clicking the "Upload File" button in the sidebar.
  2. Get the URL of each image by clicking on each until the URL is similar to: https://consolemods.org/wiki/images/d/d4/Xbox.png.
  3. Visit KnightLab.com (a Northwestern University website) and click "Make a Juxtapose". Choose "Interactive" for the Juxtapose type and complete the form, supplying the URL of each picture.
  4. Click "Publish" and it will generate an embed link such as:
  5. Copy the ID at the end following uid= and paste it in the format {{Juxtapose|ID_HERE|width=800|height=600}} or the short name {{Jux|ID_HERE|width=800|height=600}}. Make sure to enter the height/width of the image (in pixels).
    With our example, it would be: {{Jux|7c10a588-3991-11e7-a6aa-0edaf8f81e27|width=800|height=600}}
    Which would result in: