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Warning This tool lets you browse system partitions on the memory, and, if you get too curious, you could brick your Wii U.
Don't mess with anything on the SLC or MLC (unless you have quite a good reason to), or else you will permanently brick your console.

FTPiiU Everywhere is a modification of FTPiiU, which is itself based on FTPii for the Wii. It can be downloaded here.


  • An FTP client. FileZilla is recommended, but you can use any.
  • A computer with an SD card slot and/or a USB storage port.
  • A hacked Wii U.
  • A custom firmware, preferably Mocha (Sig Patch doesn't work).


You would install FTPiiU Everywhere like you would any other Wii U homebrew app. Copy the zip file's /wiiu/ folder to the root of your storage device, giving it permission to merge files.

Once FTPiiU Everywhere is run, it will give you an IP Address and a Port Number that you can connect to using your desired FTP Client.