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The Wii U HomeBrew App Store is a homebrew application developed for Wii U by VGMoose. It is a homebrew application that allows you to install homebrew to whatever storage device it is being run on via ForTheUsers. The latest version of it is currently 2.2, it can be downloaded here.

Materials Needed


  1. Download the HBAS.
    • If you would like, save it to the storage device you are using for your Wii U.
  2. Extract the file that you previously downloaded. Copy the "wiiu" folder to your storage device, allowing it to merge files.


Upon first boot of the HBAS, it may look dull. If you would like to be 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂, then you can customize your experience via modifying files in the /wiiu/apps/appstore/resources/ folder on your storage device; the folder is automatically created upon first boot of HBAS.

Currently, 3 files are customisable[1]:

  • Modify /wiiu/apps/appstore/resources/splash.png on your storage device to modify your splash screen.
  • Modify /wiiu/apps/appstore/resources/screampics.mp3 on your storage device to modify your background music.

It is important that the splash screen and music are in PNG and MP3 format respectively.

The file repository URL can also be changed by modifying /wiiu/apps/appstore/repository.txt on your storage device to point the app to a different repository in the event that the original repository goes offline.