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DriveDroid is an Android app that allows you to create a virtual hard disk on your rooted Android device. This allows you to create a flash drive that will work on your Xbox using an Xbox controller to USB-Female adapter. While DriveDroid only works on older Android versions, DriveCompanion can be used together with DriveDroid on Android 10 or newer.

Creating and Formatting a Drive

  1. Launch DriveDroid and skip the Setup Wizard.
  2. Press the "+" icon, and select "Create Blank Image...".
  3. Enter any filename, and leave it set to the .img extension. Change the size to the desired size (16MB or smaller), leave "MBR Partition table" checked, and select FAT from the dropdown below. Select the checkmark in the top right corner to create the image.
  4. The new image will be listed on the main screen of DriveDroid. Tap it and you will see the "Host Image" menu. Tap the "Writeable USB" icon.
  5. Tap the Settings icon on the bottom menu (the third icon), and in the Settings menu, tap the "USB Settings" option.
  6. Tap "USB System" and select the first option "Standard Android Kernel". Next select "Automatic USB Mode" and select the second option, "Mass Storage" and select Use. Tap "Manually change USB mode" and select the second option, "Mass Storage" and select Use.
  7. Plug your phone in to your USB/Xbox adapter, and then the adapter into the Xbox. On the MS Dashboard, navigate to "Memory". It should prompt you to tell you that the drive has been erased. Press A, and you should see the new memory unit next to your hard drive.

If you have issues with DriveDroid connecting to your Xbox or PC, try changing the USB System to a different option, and setting the manual USB mode again.