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Xored Trainer Launcher is an application used to enable cheat programs, called trainers, in games. Alternatively, if you use the EvolutionX dashboard, you can launch trainers from it directly.

A large trainer pack can be found here.

Note: Many trainers have a "+" in the file names, and some FTP systems can't handle a plus sign. Try renaming them and removing the plus

Adding Trainers

Trainers often come as an ETM or XBTF file, but sometimes include other file types such as TMD or ASM along with them. Move the trainer files into the "trainer" folder inside of the Xored directory, and it should allow you to use it the next time you run Xored.

Using Trainers

Launch Xored, and wait for it to scan your games on your hard drive (and DVD drive if there is a game inserted). Select the game you want to attach a trainer to, then select the trainer you want, and finally select each cheat you want to enable. Press Start to launch the game.