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360 Media Server is a basic UPNP server that can be run on a computer to serve music and videos to an Xbox 360 (or any DLNA complient device) over the same LAN. While the Xbox 360 normally only supports MP3 and WMA, 360 Media Server can transcode many normally-unsupported formats such as AAC, OGG, and FLAC; and can use iTunes XML.



  1. Download 360 Media Server and extract the folder onto your PC.
  2. Obtain these files and copy the .exe files within them into the ScriptDir folder.
  3. Run the start.bat file. It will load the media server, and likely will prompt you to allow it access to communicate over your network. Once allowed, it should be usable.


  1. Install LAME, FAAD, FLAC, and SOX (preferably using fink)
  2. Run the startmac file.


  1. Install LAME, FAAD, FLAC, and SOX where they will be found by a bash script
  2. Run the start file.


Open a browser and navigate to Here, you can add a path to your music library (or a test one) or a web stream.


  • If you get errors about could not open socket try adding the IP after the start script e.g ./start
  • If you get silence try running the relevant conversion script from a terminal.
  • If you get static on the Xbox 360, there's a good chance its caused by the endianness of the output from the relevant script being wrong. Try adding/removing the -x flag from LAME.