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IngeniouX is a custom dashboard that is able to launch game backups, use FTP, use dashboard skins, and manage files. It also includes a built in calculator and MP3 player.

  • The default username/password for FTP is xbox and xbox.


Extract the files from ingeniousxb3.rar and copy them to your Xbox 360. Use a file manager to launch the .xex.


  • A: Enter/confirm/launch
  • B: Back
  • Y: Context menu
  • X: Select multiple in file browser
  • LB/RB: Change menu
  • LS: Open On-board apps menu
  • DPAD: Movement

Launching Games

Depending on whether your game was downloaded from Xbox Live or ripped from a disc, it will show up in the respective tab for "Downloaded Content" or "Extracted DVD Game". Launch it by pressing A.

Extracting Cover Art

By hovering over a game and pressing Y, you have the option to extract artwork directly from the game. Not all games have extractable artwork, but the options are as follows:

  • Extract HD Picture: This will extract a HD picture from the game and place it in the Wallpapers section of the dashboard.
  • Extract Preview: This will extract a picture from the game that will be placed in the box on the right hand side of the game launcher.
  • Extract Icon: This will extract the game icon and display it to the left of the game title.

Press Y and Refresh to accept changes.

File Browser

The file browser is a standard commander-style file manger. You can press Y to open the context menu on a file/folder to Copy/Move/Rename/Delete, or create a folder (create archive is not available). Press X to select multiple files or folders.


  • Skin: Allows you to apply a skin that you've placed in .../IngeniouX/Skin.
  • Game Folder: Lists the directories being searched for games. You can change this by changing the paths in .../IngeniouX/config.ini.
  • Language: Allows you to change the dashboard language. Due to a bug, you will need to choose the language *above* your desired language.
  • Wallpaper: Allows you to apply a wallpaper supplied by extracting it out of a game in the game launcher, or by placing a picture in the .../IngeniouX/Wallpaper folder.
  • H-ov: Horizontal overscan (not functional).
  • V-ov: Vertical overscan (not functional).
  • Show Log: ??? - To get to this option, scroll to the bottom of the Language window and press down once more. Press A to toggle.

On-Board Apps

  • Text Viewer: Used to view text.
  • Image Viewer: Used to view images.
  • Archive Manager: Not implemented.
  • Calculator: A simple calculator.
  • MP3 Player: Designed to play music.


  • FTP, Text Viewer, and Image Viewer appears to be broken in Beta 3.
  • MP3 Player crashes if you press any of the player buttons without any music installed. Playlists are not saved.
  • Image extraction can take a few minutes and sometimes does not extract anything at all.
  • The language selection suffers from an "off by one" programming error, so you will need to choose the language *above* your desired language in order to apply it.
  • Horizontal/Vertical overscan settings appear to be broken.