Xbox 360:KK Exploit

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Exclamation-circle-fill.svgThis page is included for historical purposes. Aside from doing it yourself and running Linux, there is no use for the King Kong exploit.

This tutorial requires that you are on the 4532 or 4548 kernel, which can be checked by going to System -> Console Settings -> System Info, and that your DVD drive has been flashed or that you are using an ODE. This equates to any console that hasn't been updated with a manufacturing date of January 9th, 2007 or earlier. If you are on a lower version, update to 4532 either through USB or through burning (MD5: CD4DB8E2C94266AB73513C361DD5B8F6). You will also need an ISO of the game King Kong, *not* the classics version.

  • Note that this exploit is not permanent and can only be used to run Linux. It cannot be used to modify the regular Xbox 360 operating system.

Exploit Usage

  1. Download King_Kong_Shader_Exploit_for_XELL.rar and extract it.
  2. Place your King Kong ISO in the same folder as shader.bin. Open Command Prompt, change directory into the extracted folder, and run win_patch.exe <name of iso> or, if using Linux, compile linux_patch.c and run ./linux_patch <name of iso>.
    • If using Windows and run into issues, you may need to copy cygwin1.dll and place it under C:\Windows\System32\.
  3. Burn the patched ISO to a disc.
  4. Download a LiveCD made for the Xbox 360 and burn it to a disc.
  5. Turn on your Xbox 360 and run the burned King Kong disc. Press Start on the title screen, and wait for the disc tray to open. Insert the Linux CD and close the tray. Linux will boot up.
  6. (Optional) You can run a script, which may be found on the Linux desktop, to install Linux to your hard drive. Note that this **will wipe your Xbox 360 HDD**.