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While not as useful today, one can install Linux on their RGH/JTAG exploited Xbox 360. A special Linux distro was made specifically for the Xbox 360, called Ubuntu Xenon. It is compatible with a USB keyboard and mouse, and can connect to the internet via ethernet.


Installing Linux

  1. From XellLaunch zip, extract default.xex and xell.bin to a USB flash drive.
  2. From your chosen Ubuntu zip file, extract the file ending in .iso to your desktop. Right click the ISO, open it with WinRAR or 7zip, and extract the casper and vmlinux file to the same USB flash drive.
  3. Without the USB flash drive inserted, power on your Xbox 360 and allow it to fully boot up. Plug in the USB flash drive and wait for it to be detected. If you are able, plug an ethernet cable into it for internet access in Linux. It will not connect to a network over a wireless adapter.
    • If you boot up your Xbox 360 with the flash drive inserted, it will boot into Linux but will run much slower than if you boot into your dashboard first and use XellLaunch.
  4. From a file manager, navigate to the USB drive and launch default.xex. A green colored version of XeLL Reloaded will launch and automatically boot into Linux. This will take a couple minutes to boot up. It will take a few minutes longer if it does not have an internet connection via ethernet, as it will search for an internet connection.