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This stuff is kept here for archival purposes and may be moved to other pages in the future.


How the TrueSkill Matchmaking system works

Info on the burnable Kiosk Disc

First teaser commercial (name was not known at the time)


2008 Google Talk - The Xbox 360 Security System and Weaknesses

HD-DVD Emulator

Editions Pictures

Info on each exploit type

Bluebars IDA Script

IDA PPC Plugin


  • RGH 1.2 uses PLL instead of IC2 to slow clock; RGH 2 glitches before eFuse check
  • ABGX does hash checks on ISOs
  • Using this command will make a debug build bootable on JTAG/RGH: xextool.exe -rm -md default.xex > default_dev.xex OR use x360gamehack 6.3 by xorloser
  • NTFS and exfat not supported on Xbox 360
  • The only option for Corona v2/v4 for dumping the NAND is the SD card method
  • To fix a sidecar that had a bad FPGA flash (red ring), remove the sidecar. launch Xbox360 Command Prompt, turn the XDK on, set the XDK to default in Neighborhood, plug the DVDEMU port on the sidecar into your PC via USB, enter xkd /i:0, followed by y. It will write all 46 blocks and reboot when completed.
  • List of known certified developer networks:
    • CertNet
    • GSM
    • int2
    • Int2Net
    • Int2Net(NULL_AES)
    • PartnerNet
    • ProductionNet
    • StressNet1
    • StressNet2
    • TestNet
    • TestNet(NULL_AES)
    • TestNetMain
    • TestNetShip
    • VintNet
    • VinNet
  • Medusa is a device that connects to Xbox 360 Kiosks to:
    • Block access to Xbox LIVE
    • Block access to settings
    • Automate demo time (OFF/5MINS/10MINS/15MINS)
    • Can access "Retailer Specific" images
    • (rumor) Block wireless controllers
    • Block exiting the demo disc
  • Recommended chips for RGH
    • Xenon/Zephyr/Trinity/Corona - Ace v3
    • Falcon - Revc or Matrixx
    • Jasper/Kronos - Revc
  • GTA5 disc 2 shouldn’t be installed to hard drive as it causes pop in issues
  • Open hardware:
  • Viper, Demon, and Trident dual/tri NANDs
  • Arduino based NAND flasher:
  • Corona Motherboard SD Card Reader
  • Winchester has a resistor at R4P4
  • Add extra USB port to Trinity
  • Great RGH summary
  • An even better in depth RGH summary