Xbox 360:NAND Recovery using a Donor NAND

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In the event that you lose your original NAND dump, you can create a new one called a "donor NAND".

J-Runner with Extras

J-Runner With Extras is maintained by Octal450 with work from various community members. It has the function to create a donor NAND for any console with only a CPU Key and a LDV (Lockdown Value) of the particular console.

How To Locate Lockdown Value

LDV can be found by booting XeLL and counting the number of "f" characters in your fuses from lines 7 to 11.


  1. In the XeBuild panel (upper right), select your dashboard and glitch type.
  2. Click the "Create Donor Nand" button on the upper left panel.
  3. Select your motherboard type.
  4. Click "Next" in the donor nand window, paste your CPU key in the field.
  5. Check "Donor Keyvault" if you do not have your original keyvault. Note this will effectively make your console act as if it is banned. Click "Next".
    • You may receive a "FCRT" prompt asking to either provide one or use a donor FCRT.
  6. Enter the Lockdown Value in the "LDV" selection, and leave "Donor SMC Config" checked.
  7. J-Runner will confirm the information you have entered and ask you to click the "Finish" button.
  8. J-Runner will then generate your donor NAND. The NAND will be located in another folder with numbers as the name, the specific folder can be found in the JRunner log.
  9. The NAND can then be flashed using XeLL or any homebrew NAND flasher, as well as hardware flashers.