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By default, phat Xbox 360s come with a built in Xbox emulator. However, the emulator would not boot all games, and later models did not include the emulator at all. This guide will walk you through installing a hacked Xbox emulator which will allow you to play any original Xbox game.

In 2019, an updated hacked compatibility pack was released which enables the Xbox 360 guide and gamechat while playing original Xbox games.

Original Xbox Games Compatibility List
Note Stealth server plugins often times will prevent original Xbox games from running.

Installing the Hacked Original Xbox Emulator

Note that this process only works if there is a hard drive in your system, and will not work on flash drives.

  1. Download HDD Compatibility Partition Fixer.
  2. Extract the default.xex and the Media folder to your flash drive. Plug your flash drive into your Xbox.
  3. Launch XeXMenu and open the default.xex from the flash drive.
  4. Press A to install the partition, and press B when completed.
  5. Reboot your console.
  6. Download the Hacked Compatibility Files and extract the Compatibility folder inside of the HUD_xgamechat folder to a flash drive.
    • If you do not wish to use the Xbox 360 guide / gamechat during play, you can use the Compatibility folder in the Regular folder instead.
  7. Open XeXMenu and copy the Compatibility folder from your flash drive to your HDDx partition (Partition2).

Imroving performance with 720p games

  1. Some games are rendered at 720p on Xbox 360 even though they were 480p on original Xbox and yields low frame rate. To improve this behavior, you can go into display settings and set the system resolution to 480p.
    • Example games:
      • Grand Theft Auto III
      • Grand Theft Auto Vice City
      • Counter Strike
      • Halo Combat Evolved
  2. If the Xbox games are scrambled and unplayable after this change, also disable the display discovery option. Your TV is probably sending an incorrect EDID to the Xbox 360.