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Peek Poker is a debugger tool used to view and modify values in live RAM on your Xbox 360. It is most commonly used for cheats and validating offsets for use in mod menus or mod tools.


  1. Copy the following files to your Xbox 360 hard drive, internal memory unit, or USB storage:
  2. Open DashLaunch and expand the Plugins section. Highlight plugin1, press A, and navigate to and select xbdm.xex. Repeat the same process to add JRPC2.xex as plugin4 and rpc.xex as plugin5. Press RB, highlight where you want to save your launch.ini, and press X to save.
  3. Reboot your Xbox 360 and verify that you can successfully connect to your console with Xbox 360 Neighborhood.
  4. Verify that Peek Poker can connect to your Xbox 360 by entering your Xbox 360's IP address into the bottom left field in Peek Poker and clicking Connect. You can find your Xbox 360's IP address by opening Xbox Neighborhood, right clicking the console, and clicking Properties. You can also find the console's IP address in homebrew dashboard or the normal system settings.

Usage Example

  • This example assumes that you have used another tool, such as XCE Tool to find the offsets for a value you wish to change in-game. This provided example continues the example found on the XCE Tools page which we are trying to change the target value to 900, and we had found the potential offsets for the target value as:
    • 001: ABCD1234: 57>>62
    • 002: AAAA1234: 57>>62
    • 003: DAAD0000: 57>>62
  1. Enter your Xbox 360's IP address into Peek Poker and click Connect.
  2. Click the "Peek & Poke" button. Enter the address of the first offset (in this example, ABCD1234) and press the Peek button. This will pull up the location in RAM that the value resides in. In this example, it will still have the value of 62 represented in hexidecimal (3E).
  3. Select the found value (in this example, 3E) and change it to another hexidecimal value such as 63 (900 in decimal) and press the Poke button. If your game is paused, unpause it and see if the value in-game changed as expected. If not, try another potential offset (in this example, AAAA1234 or DAAD0000). Sometimes, one of these offsets may visually change the display, but not actually change the value in-game. In this example, the first offset may change the displayed health counter value, but in reality, you still have low health and will die quickly if you take damage. Because of this, you should Poke an offset and test to make sure it behaves as intended and not just rely on visual changes.
    • Note that not all games use static offsets, and the offsets may change every time you restart the game. If you plan on making a mod tool, reboot your console and verify that you can still poke the same offset and get the same results.