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The PicoFlasher, also known as the Raspberry Pi Pico, is a device that can be used to read/write to Xbox 360 NANDs and can also be used as a glitch chip on Trinity boards. It works in conjunction with the Windows program J-Runner with Extras and J-Runner-Pro and can be used for JTAG and RGH installs. It is one of the fastest NAND programmer and is considerably cheaper than most of them.

The Raspberry Pi Pico, isn't specifically made for reading and writing NANDs, however, from courtesy of Balika011, can now be used as a NAND programmer.

The Raspberry Pi Pico cannot be used to program glitch chips.


To use the Pi Pico as a PicoFlasher, you first must program it with a file from the latest release of the PicoFlasher software from here

To program it, hold the BOOTSEL button while you connect it to a computer. The Pi Pico should show as a storage device, now just simply move the uf2 file to it and it should dismount and can now be used to read/write NANDs through.

Usage as a Glitch Chip

It is unclear how to use it as a glitch chip but has been demonstrated to work as a proof of concept here.