Xbox 360:Profile Picture Modding

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If you want to use a custom profile picture, you can do so via the Xbox website or through injecting images into your profile. For unmodified consoles it's best to use the website, as profile injection can lead to an Xbox Live ban if detected.

Custom Profile Picture via Profile Injection

  • You will need:
    • A flash drive
    • Your custom PNG in 64x64 and 32x32
    • Horizon
  1. From the original dashboard, plug your flash drive into your Xbox 360 and navigate to Console Settings > Storage. Move your profile onto the flash drive..
  2. Plug your flash drive into your PC. Right click and run Horizon as Administrator and open the Device Explorer tab on the left side. Select Gamer Profile, and double click Profile to open the profile manager window.
    • If your device does not show up, you will need to click the Tools tab at the top > Package Manager > Open > Browse to your flash drive > Content, and open the one file on your flash drive. You may need to set Windows to show hidden files.
  3. Select the Contents tab at the top, and find tile_64.png. Right click it and choose "Replace...". Select the tile_64.png you created and click Open. Repeat this process for tile_32.png.
  4. Click the orange Save, Rehash, and Resign tab at the top. A backup of your profile will also be created in the same directory, ending in .bak. Rename this file to remove the ".bak" if you wish to roll back.
  5. Eject your flash drive and plug it into your Xbox 360. Move the profile back over to your hard drive or internal storage unit and sign in. It should display your new icons.