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Note This page serves as credits for the scene for any major releases and progress. This list is not a complete listing of works by the authors. If you enjoy any scene devs' work, please consider donating to them to show your appreciation. Thank you all for making this scene great!

Felix Domke (tmbinc) - For the King Kong (KK) hack, XeLL, and the first native code emulator.

Felix Domke (tmbinc) and Michael Steil - For the JTAG/SMC hack.

cjak - For finding the glitch behind the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH).

GliGli, Tiros, and cOz - For creating and releasing the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH).

DrSchottky - For releasing the R-JTOP hack, the Corona v6 RGH solution, and developing RGH2to3 (Freeboot support for RGH3).

15432 (Alexey) - For releasing the RGH 1.2, S-RGH, Muffin RGH, and RGH3 hacks and the Corona v6 RGH solution

Octal450 - For taking over the development of J-Runner, creating SMC+, optimizing boots for all motherboards, locating the PLL point, and being the first to RGH1.2 Trinity/Corona motherboards.

Mena - For creating KeBlowFusePatchGenerator which allows burning of fuses

BlakCat - For developing AutoGG.

Robinsod - For building the open source timing attack hack to downgrade 4xxx to 1888.

Arnezami - For the concept behind the 1888 downgrade timing attack hack and for research into the crypto structure of the console.

Xorloser - For XexTool and the Xbox 360 IDA plugin.

commodore4eva (c4eva) - For tons of work put into hacking the Xbox 360 DVD firmware and releasing them.

Tiros - For the NAND read/write software, NandPro.

Ced2911 - For Genesis Plus, SMS Plus, FreePSX, FCE360, PCSXR, XMPlayer, and more.

Sandungas - For being a guinea pig for the JTAG exploit, creating diagrams, helping others with hardware hacking, and creating the first XD card-based NAND system.

Tser - For finding the unsigned script compilation vulnerability which would later be used in the KK exploit.

xvistaman2005 - For creating XDKBuild and other undisclosed breakthroughs in the RGH development scene.

TheSpecialist - For being the first to hack the Xbox 360 DVD drive firmware.

Tydye81 - For his work with Team Xecuter, creating RGLoader, contributing to different RGH developments, and working on glitch chips such as the CR4.

Element18592 - For SD Tool, 4GB USB Tool, Viper Dual NAND, and xFlasher 360 - the all-in-one NAND and glitch chip flasher.

Rymez2K - For figuring out how to inject game saves onto storage devices.

Geremia - For Tarablinda, a collection of DVD firmware research and unreleased hacks for the Xbox 360 S, and the "kamikaze hack" method to flash DVD drives.

SoulHeaven - For x360SED, a chip that allows bypassing of the AP25 protections.

360GameSaves - For releasing the first game save resigner for allowing modification of game saves.

Lone Coder - For creating SharpNES, the first emulator to run on the Xbox 360 via XNA.

Crawler360 - For releasing the first homebrew script to run using the KK Exploit.

Zouzzz - For being the first to swap a keyvault to remove a console ban.

FrostyTheSnowman - For 360 Modification USB Drive, which eliminated the need for installation discs for DVD drive flashing.

Cpasjuste - For releasing Xmenu, an ELF loader.

Ikari360 - For FreeBOOT, the first kernel rebooter with the ability to allow execution of XEXs.

GodzIvan - For releasing NAND Write Protect (NWP) chip to prevent writes to the NAND.

Surazal - For finding the method to convert an arcade demo into the full version of the game.

LoveMHz - For OpenJazz360, the first homebrew game port to run on the Xbox 360.

BadBloke - For releasing Autohacker, a program to automate the JTAG hack process.

HellDoc - For releasing XeXtractor, an application to extract XEX file contents.

Xerax - For Freehood360, an Xbox 360 Neighborhood alternative for hacked consoles.

Rab - For creating NandCompare, a program to repair bad NAND images.

FreeXeX - For releasing XeXLoader, a tool to launch XEX files from any storage device and rip discs; and QuickBoot to launch applications from the NXE dashboard.

Yelrac - For creating USB Loader, an application to launch XEX files directly from a USB device.

Marcan - For releasing open source drivers for the Kinect.

Nuigroup - For releasing LibFreenect; a driver, SDK, and API for the Kinect hardware on Windows.

Maximus - For the Maximus Lizard, NANDKEY, Maximus NANDFlasher, Maximus SD Tool, Maximus Stinger, Maximus BlackJack, and other Xbox modding hardware.

Groepaz and Loser - For the MN103 Disassembler to allow disassembly of the Xbox DVD drive firmware.

Cheater912, GabeK, and Unknown V2 - For Horizon, a device manager, gamesave editor and all in one mod tool for managing content packages, gamer pictures, etc.

Probutus - For making an installer disc to put older Xbox 360 drives into ModeB for DVD drive flashing.

GAFBlizzard - For releasing Xbox 360 chatpad drivers.

TheFallen93 - For HvxBootOS, a tool for XDKs to boot into XeLL and load Linux.

BestPig - For ECC Glitch Generator, FreeBOOT Toolbox Maker.

Rogero - For 360 Multi Builder, an application to build images for both JTAG and RGH setups.

Natelx - For releasing XBDM, a DashLaunch plugin to enable developer kit features on a JTAG/RGH exploited console.

Swizzy - For X360 NAND Dump Checker, a tool used to check if a NAND dump is valid.

Blackaddr - For the alternate method to disable the eFuse burning circuit, and the BOXXDR JTAG method

c0z - For releasing DashLaunch.

Axc97 - For Freestyle Dash, a homebrew dashboard.

Ski-lleR - For releasing IngeniouX, a homebrew dashboard.

Pheonix - For releasing Aurora, a homebrew dashboard.

Seacrest - For ABGX, a tool to verify and add stealth capability to Xbox 360 game backups.

Anthony Park - For creating the first web browser usable on the Xbox 360 via Windows Media Center.

Roofus and AngerWound - For releasing Xplorer360 and ConSign.

Muslix64 - For being the first to extract the HD-DVD keys and for releasing BackupHDDVD.

Klewan - For releasing the first Linux-based game ripper, Uxrip360.

Redline99 - For Xbox Backup Creator, XVal, and Flash360.

CLK Rebellion - For Party Buffalo Drive Explorer.

DJ Shepherd - For releasing x360.dll and Le Fluffie, a FATX browser, STFS package creator/editor and achievement editor.

KrK - For ISO2GOD.

JJMPSP - For Xbox 360 Game Identifier, an application to download game cover art and metadata.

v3v3 - For releasing the 360 Screenshot Tool.

Dynup - For releasing XboxBurner, an application to burn Xbox and Xbox 360 games.

Compl3x - For releasing DashGrab, an open source dashboard downloader.

Lantus - For the various emulator ports, he released for the Xbox 360, and MilkyTracker, a music-making application for XDKs.

Xamphear - For releasing JTAG Content Manager, an application to browse Xbox 360 files and games from the PC.

Tuxuser - For XeLL Updater, an application to update XeLL straight from the Xbox 360.

Australian Game Mods - For AGM Temperature Logging Plugin, a plugin to see system temperatures at any time.

EatonZ - For XePatch, an open-source patch editor and compiler, and FATXPlorer.

Cancerous1 and JQE - For FFplay, a homebrew media player.

Derived - Creating the first Xbox 360 Container Rehasher/Resigner.

Coolshrimp - For his JTAG Tool.

Cancerous1 - For porting Exult360.

HungryBob - For releasing Carnage Manager, an Xbox 360 file manager.

oz_paulb (Paul Bartholomew) - For Xbox Dumper, a tool to dump Xbox and Xbox 360 hard drives.

Gael360 - For wxPirs, wxHdd, wxTheme, wx360, wxRipper, and wxStop (tools to open various kinds of Xbox 360 files).

SKFU - For XBLM Browser, an application that allows you to see the information of every game or app on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PartnerNet.

Themaister and Squarepusher/Twin Aphex - For releasing an official build of RetroArch for Xbox 360.

Ben Vanik - For creating the Xbox 360 emulator Xenia.

Node21 - For XM360.

Yoshihiro - For various emulators.

LoveMHz - For porting Mupen64Plus, Super Mario War, XeBoy, and XeDOSBox.

Team Free60 - For getting Linux running on the Xbox 360, for making a kernel rebooter, for getting 3D graphics acceleration working under Linux, and much much more.

JS-Team (EME, GooHome, SONIC3D, and tedawo) - For the minimal dashboard, XexDash.

Team XeDev - For XeXMenu, HDD Compatiblity Fixer, NXE2GOD, and XM360.

Team Jungle - For reverse engineering the DVD drive firmware and creating JungleFlasher, a program to flash DVD drives.

Team Jungle and Team Xecuter - For creating J-Runner.

Team Infinity - For the Trident, a tri-boot NAND chip and for the original Xbox game ripper for Xbox 360.

Team RGLoader (stoker25, Tydye81, and sk1080)- For Reset Glitch Loader and RGLoader-Dev.

Team XK3Y, Wasabi360, and X360DOCK/Boxzii - For their ODE devices.

Team FBDev - For releasing System Ping Check Removal, a tool used to circumvent the 30ms ping check for System Link, making it easier to play System Link games over the Internet.

Team FSD - For long-term support of Freestyle Dash; DevLink, an application to allow XDKs to connect to retail consoles via System Link; and LiNK, a headless System Link tunneling program.

Team Xecuter - For creating NAND-X, JR Programmer, Xecuter DemoN, X360 USB Pro, Sonus 360, Xecuter Fusion, and CoolRunner chips; as well as being the first to hack the Xbox 360 S disc drive and release the RGH 2.0 and R-JTAG hacks.

Team Matrix - For creating hardware such as the MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1, Matrix Glitcher, Matrix Trident, Matrix Freedom PCB, and more.

Team XeLove - For XeDebug a network based debug assistance program for XDK programmers.

Team InFeCtuS - For releasing the InFeCtuS modchip for flashing DVD drives and Time Attack PCB for downgrading consoles.

Team Modfreakz - For HDDHackr.

Cybersam, 8Ball, PureIso, Jappi88, Fairchild, Mojobojo, Feudalnate - For Peek Poker.

[cOz], Cancerous1, Ced2911, GliGli, Juvenal, Natelx, Redline99, sk1080, and Tuxuser - For creating XeLL reloaded.

TheSpecialist, Anita999, Geremia, Nayr, Bluecop, Interestedhacker, MacDennis, Phantasm, Marvin, Tiros, SpenzerX, Team Modfreakz, Fuzzylogic, Takires, loser, jasper, SMO, Groepaz, Zobyone, Jumba, Amadeus, Tser, DjHuevo, oz_paulb, DaveX, darkfly, evestu, Robinsod, Dark_Neo, Gael360, Seventhson, and probutus - For their contributions to hacking the Xbox 360's DVD drive firmware.

XanTium - For running the news feed and keeping us all informed.

HSDEMONZ - For the financial upkeep and administration of Xbox-Scene.

GaryOPA - For continuing the Xbox-Scene front page in XanTium's abscence.

Iriez - For his work on reverse engineering the DVD drive firmware as part of Team Jungle and for contributing news articles on Xbox-Scene.

MODDED WARFARE - For great video RGH/JTAG tutorials, some of which were used in the creation of this wiki.

oblivioncth - For the "Xbox 360 Ultimate Exploit Guide" which was used in part for the JTAG/RGH guides.

JoinTheResistance - For the R-JTOP exploit guide which was used in part for the R-JTOP guide.

iLegend - For teaching the ways of USB modding.

RDR007 for large contributions to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility list.

TehCactus, Derf Jagged, VisualUsual, WonderMiquel, DarkGabbz, Forlorn Penguin, VisualUsual, ClickClick 5, DieMitchell, BlueSn00w, Octal450, TheOneWhoKnocks2016, and AnarchyAbsence for their direct or indirect contributions to the 360 Hacks Wiki.

... and anyone not listed above who wrote tutorials for the scene, some of which were absorbed and modified in the creation of this wiki.

To all who made an impact on the scene and made everything possible: Thank you!

Please message the moderators if any information is incorrect, or if there is any other developers deserving of recognition