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When a console is banned, your unique Xbox 360 keys (stored in a "keyvault" file) are blacklisted from connecting to Xbox Live. With a JTAG/RGH console, you have the ability to swap out your keyvault for another one. A keyvault (KV) must come from a legitimate console in order to be recognized and allowed on Xbox Live. Unlike PS3, you can not boot retail dashboard with the modified KV.

Changing Keyvaults

  1. You will need to either buy a new keyvault from someone or obtain a NAND dump from another console and use the instructions below to extract the keyvault from it. This keyvault should not be shared with anyone, as two consoles logging in to Xbox Live with the same keyvault can trigger a ban on the keyvault.
  2. Your new keyvault should have a kv.bin and cpukey.txt file. Open cpukey.txt and copy the numbers and letters next to "CPU key" into a blank Notepad document. In Notepad, click File > Save As, select the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window and select "All Files", and save it with the name cpukey.bin.
  3. Put both kv.bin and cpukey.bin on a flash drive and plug it into the console.
  4. With a file manager or FTP, open USB0 and copy kv.bin and paste it into the root of hdd1. Confirm the overwrite if prompted. Repeat for cpukey.bin.
  5. Turn the console off and unplug the flash drive. Power it back on. The console may reboot itself once or twice to accept the keyvault. Your console should eventually boot up as normal, and you should be unbanned.

Extracting a Keyvault

  1. Run 360 flash dump tool.
  2. Select Settings > Keys. Enable the checkbox below "CPU-Key" and paste your CPU key in the text field. If you'd like, you can put a nickname for the CPU key in the User Info field. Press "Add CPU-Key" and OK.
  3. Select "..." next to Open File, and choose your NAND dump ending in .bin. Your dump information should be populated.
  4. Select Extract at the bottom of the window, select Key Vault, and choose a location to save it. This will create a folder called KeyVault with KV_dec.bin (decrypted) and KV_enc.bin (encrypted) inside of it. Optionally, you can also click "Save KV Info" to save the plain-text info to a .txt.