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The xFlasher 360 is a device created by Element18592 ( used to read/write to Xbox 360 NANDs and program glitch chips. It works in conjunction with the Windows program J-Runner with Extras and can be used for JTAG and RGH installs. It is the fastest NAND programmer and achieves speeds up to 3x faster than the NAND-X.

Drivers can be downloaded directly or found in J-Runner with Extras by plugging in your xFlasher and clicking the xFlasher menu and "Install Drivers". The official user guide can be found on

A setup video can be found on Octal450’s YouTube channel.

Switch Usage

There are two possible positions for the switch on the xFlasher:

  • SPI: For 16/256/512MB NANDs, programming glitch chips and UART monitoring.
  • eMMC: For reading and flashing 4GB NANDs.

Updating Glitch Chip Timing File

  1. Plug in console power but do not turn it on.
  2. Set the switch to SPI if not set to that already.
  3. Plug in the xFlasher to your computer via the mini USB cable and plug in the glitch chip using the glitch chip programming cables.
  4. Launch J-Runner, select Advanced > Custom NAND/Timing File Functions, then choose your SVF file, and start.


  • Verify all solder points are well done and not bridged. If unsure or think it is badly done, reflow the solder.
  • Try running J-Runner as Administrator (Right click J-Runner > Run as Administrator).