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XM360 is a tool from Team XeDev and Node21 used to unlock XBLA demos, GOD games, DLC; back up and restore title updates; and check how many XBLA games you have out of all existing XBLA games.

  • Note that this will not change your DLC region.

Unlocking Content

  1. Launch XM360 on your Xbox 360. By default, the main field will be selected with XBLA set as the active category. Press Left and select "Rescan All". The app will scan your hard drive for all installed XBLA, GOD, DLC, Title Updates, and Game Saves.
  2. Press RB to change the category shown, or select the Show DLC button on the left hand side.
  3. Select "Unlock XBLA" or "Unlock DLC", all content in the selected category will be unlocked. For DLC, you can also select the "Repair Filenames" button, which will fix any incorrectly named DLC.

Checking your XBLA Collection

Select "Collection Mgmt". Press RB twice to change to the "Showing All" category. This will list all of the XBLA games, and mark the ones that you have installed. You can press X on a game to mark it as "ignored" as well. You can select the "Write Report" button to create a list of all the games that are missing named xbla_report.txt, which will be stored on a plugged in USB device.

Updating XBLA Collection Lists

To update the list of all titles on XBLA, open a command prompt on your PC, navigate to the server folder, and run one of the following commands, then copy the resulting file to your XM360 directory on your Xbox 360.

Command Result
XM360server.exe /? List options
XM360server.exe /D Update or create dlc_titles.csv in the current directory and exit
XM360server.exe /X Update or create xbla_titles.csv in the current directory and exit
XM360server.exe /L <locale> Optionally specify the locale (defaults to en-US). Only useful before /D or /X
XM360server.exe /U <URL> Optionally specify the URL (defaults to Only useful before /D or /X
XM360server.exe With no parameters, runs the server (doesn’t exit)

Example: XM360server.exe /U /L en-US /D will update DLC_titles.csv using the en-US locale and exit.