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The XODE was a cancelled product by Team Xecuter to rival other ODE products of its time. Unfortunately the device came out too late in the XBOX 360 lifecycle, being announced in March of 2014 (3 months after the release of the XBOX One). Not much was known about the XODE other than a forum post on the now defunct Team Xecuter forum which labels the device as 'Cancelled'.

Forum Post

The forum post on the Team Xecuter forum read the following:

"It's been a quiet few months regarding development on anything new and we've had this under our hats for a while. We always said we'd never do an ODE product but felt we could make something better than what is currently available. Presenting XODE: The next generation of ODE design. Supports Phat and Slim with both 2.5" and 3.5" HDD footprints. We have also added support for an optional wifi dongle so you can navigate and load games from a web interface on your Computer or Smartphone. As you can see we've taken a completely different approach to this by designing a complete replacement for the DVD drive that has everything you need built in. As you can see the 2.5" designs are all hot swappable. We are interested in as much feedback as possible - including any issues you have with other 360 ODE products that you would like to see addressed with the XODE."