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XeXMenu is a dashboard for the Xbox 360. It is often recommended in JTAG/RGH tutorials as the first dashboard to be installed as it has an installer that shows up under the Games library in the official dash. However, it is limited in function compared to more feature rich dashboards such as Freestyle Dash or Aurora.

A video demonstration of installing XeXMenu can be found on MrMario2011's channel.

  • The default username/password for FTP is "xbox" and "xbox". You will need to use active mode in order to use FTP in XeXmenu.


  1. Plug a flash drive into your Xbox 360 and navigate to Console Settings > Storage. Select the flash drive and allow it to format the flash drive as a system drive.
  2. Extract the CODE9999 folder from the XeXMenu 1.2 rar to your Desktop.
  3. Make sure you have hidden folders enabled.
    • Go into File Explorer under View on top, check mark Hidden Items.
  4. Plug the flash drive into your PC. Open the Content folder, select "New Folder", and name it 0000000000000000 (16 zeroes). Open the new folder, then drag the CODE9999 folder into it.
  5. Safely eject your flash drive and plug it into your Xbox 360. Navigate to the Demos section of your dashboard, and it should list XeXMenu there. Select it to launch it.
    • You can install XeXMenu to your hard drive by going to Console Settings > Storage, and copying it from your flash drive to the hard drive.


  • Back: Visual control list
  • Start: Launch selection
  • LB/RB: Change menu
  • DPAD Left/Right: Change directory
  • Y: Rescan devices / file context menu
  • A: Launch selection
  • B: Back (in file manager)

Discovery Menu

Games Discovery

Any games in hdd1://Games will be listed here and launchable. Press left/right on DPAD to change to different directory.

Emulators Directory

Any emulators in hdd1://Emulators will be listed here and launchable. Press left/right on DPAD to change to different directory.

Applications Directory

Any applications in hdd1://Applications will be listed here and launchable. Press left/right on DPAD to change to different directory.

File Manager Menu

Your files and folders are listed for the selected device (hdd1, usb0, usb1, or Flash). Do not touch your files in flash unless you know what you are doing. Press Y to open the context menu on any file or folder for Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete/Create/CopyDVD/PatchXex options. Press left/right on DPAD or X to change to different directory.


This option will copy the contents of an inserted DVD to the current directory in the file manager. A full tutorial can be found on the ripping page.


This option will patch games to run from your hard drive instead of DVD.


  • Skin: Allows you to change the XeXMenu skin. By default, there is 26 skins installed
  • Enable skin auto scaling: Resizes the skin to fit your TV
  • Auto extract games title: Uses the official game title from the ISO of the game instead of the filename
  • Discover only default.xex: Only shows default.xex files in the file discovery menus, ignoring any XEX not named "default"
  • Sensor: Displays CPU/GPU/EDRAM/Motherboard temperatures
  • SMC Version: Shows the System Management Controller version.