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The Blaster CK3 from Xecuter is a solderless DVD firmware tool for Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon Drives that once installed, allows users to flash new DVD firmware to the drive without ever opening the console again. Triggered by external switches mounted to the top side of the console similar to the Wasabi 360, users can flash custom firmware (CFW) to the drive directly, as well as backup their games directly to their PC from the console. It flexed a "5 minute install time" and competed directly with the (much cheaper) Top Gear.

Features include:

  • Onboard RS232 Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump)
  • Onboard USB Support (Liteon 74850C DVD Key Dump)
  • Quickly Update to 0800 firmware
  • Xbox 360 mode (Passthrough) switch when the Blaster is not in use.
  • LED Action/In-Use indicator (Green & Blue LED)
  • All tools needed to install are included in the box

LED States

Green LED - Blaster Disabled

Blue LED - Blaster Ensabled


If you encounter games not booting, a black screen or Error Code 64, check your wiring and placement of the chip. Usually failed installs are the result of either incorrect wiring placement, snugness or the chip was mounted in an area the DVD drive touches.


  • Windows PC (XP/VISTA/7 32 Bit)
  • Compatible SATA Card (recommend VIA 6421)
  • Jungle Flasher Software
  • USB Port or RS232 Serial Port For Liteon 74850C