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TO-DO List

  • Everything that has been striked through on the index page
  • Drive flashing page
  • Integrate this stuff
  • Add to FAQ:
    • Why dash 7371 isn’t always JTAGable, and maybe how to check it
    • Describe Zero Fuse CPUs
  • Power Supply region incompatibility 1
  • Video mode reset combo in troubleshooting page (Y + RT)?
  • Link to drive firmwares and timing files
  • XGD3 Game Burning 1
  • Xbox 360 SMC Power Mode Editing (Fixes Falcon Freezing on RGH2 1 2)
  • More homebrew here
  • Custom Profile Pic safe / profile mod
  • Fixing Battery Charge Pack
  • MilkyTracker
  • Subsection for LibXenon emus?
  • Check out Viper360 and XPRemap
  • What is the exact name of the "update firmware" menu tab in J-Runner for NAND-X?
  • Fixing bad NAND 1 (Corona too) 2 3
  • Add a page for downgrading a 4 GB Corona to a 16 MB NAND
  • Add a page for a dual NAND mod
  • Convert DLC/game region
  • What does XCE Tools stand for? Xbox Cheat Engine?
  • Xbox 360 XISO Extract
  • Archive mod tools, maybe integrate some?
  • Credits from xbins
  • Credit Horizon (staff of TTG/XboxMB) and Modio devs
  • DRM free game content?
  • How to recover deleted data with FATXplorer 1
  • 2-16TB USB patch 1
  • Guide for custom boot noise with a JQ6500 for Phat/S/E.
  • Manually installing title updates