Xbox One:Using Homebrew in Developer Mode

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Once you have activated developer mode on your Xbox One, you can install apps including community-made emulators.

Note that anything installed in developer mode cannot be accessed when using the Xbox One in retail mode.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the desired emulator or application and extract it if it was distributed as a .zip/.rar/.7z file.
  2. Start your Xbox One in developer mode (Settings > System > Console info > Developer settings > Developer Mode > Continue).
  3. Select the Settings button in the bottom-right corner and check the box that says "Enable Xbox Device Portal" as well as "Require authentication to access Xbox Device Portal" and setup a username and password.
  4. Navigate back to the developer home and enter the full URL (IP and port) into a web browser on your PC (https://IP:port).
  5. It may prompt a warning screen that your connection is not private. You should be able to click an option to continue anyway or add an exemption. Once the web page has loaded you should see something very similar to the following screenshot.
  6. Under "My games & apps", click "Add" and then "Choose File". Choose the .appx file for the app you wish to install.
    • Note that you must have your account listed under "Xbox Live test accounts" in order to install apps. You can do this by placing a checkmark next to your account in the "Test Account" section on the Xbox One.
  7. Click Next. If the app came with a "Dependencies" folder or file, click Choose File and choose the .appx dependencies file.
  8. Click Start, and the app will upload.
  9. On your Xbox One, choose the game listed under "Games & apps" and it will launch the app.