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Universal Updater is a homebrew application that allows you to download other homebrew applications. This bypasses the need to download apps individually to a PC and install them via FBI. Instead, this application will download and install the homebrew application for you.

Required Items

Installing Universal-Updater

  1. Download the latest release from the link above.
    • Make sure it is the cia file.
  2. Copy it to anywhere on your 3DS' SD card.
  3. Launch FBI.
  4. On the Main Menu click on SD.
  5. Find the location you copied the CIA file to and install the file.
  6. Go to the Home Screen.
  7. Open the package.
  8. Launch Universal-Updater.
  9. Choose an application you want.
    • Click the CIA if you want it to have installed as application on the home screen.
    • Click on the .3dsx if you want to have it in the homebrew launcher.
  10. Click on Confirm and wait for it to install.
  11. Go back to the Home Screen.

Enjoy your new application.